Monday, November 28, 2011

New From Old, Ready Set Go!

Here we have a turtleneck from the 90s. I love green and I love turtlenecks in the fall and winter, they are somewhat a staple for me. I like to wear black turtlenecks in particular...great stuff with a scarf and ear rings. Dress'em up or down. I wear my black turtlenecks around the house or store with black workout pants, jean skirt, or nice jeans and I think to myself ...Surely CoCo Chanel did the same. ; ) Of course a black turtleneck over a black skirt with a wide belt can be the ticket for a glamorous date-night, no matter where we go, that combination works. Throw on black tights and black flats for crossing the busy streets like a ballerina gal and voila. You are gorgeous darling!

Okay. The turtleneck above from the 90s? We're going to do a little something with it to make it date-night or church-worthy. See the 90s cuffs? Off they will go to make the sleeves quarter sleeves, much more elegant. The baggy sides? I will try this shirt on inside out and pin the side seams for a nice even fits on the side, curving into the waist a bit. Not tight, we don't want to look like a hussy but a nice shapely fit that glides over the body - not pulls. Then we can sew it up along the pinned sides, even hand stitching will work. The bat-wing look under the arm, I may keep that, we sha'll see. I really don't want to go there with the over the shoulder seams so I'm thinking bat-wing (my description) sleeves as long as they are quartered and a slightly fitted waist might make a cute top, especially with a belt. : )

Another top idea for those older baggy button down blouses? See my blog entry here: Sew Fun

Including a great movie suggestion....

"The Doctor and the Girl" (1949), an excellent old 40s movies. Also you will see a great idea for a scarf holder you can easily make and yes, I'm still using mine, works wonderfully! Yes indeedie. : )

Another movie great for this time of year? "Meet John Doe" (1941). Excellent movie, a movie-great directed by Frank Capra. Beware of the Heelots! Frank Capra movies are some of my favorites, he came here from the same village in Sicily my grandpa immigrated from. Capra was a conservative Republican and it shows in his movies. We have found Frank Capra movies to be excellent wholesome choices.

For cute do-able ideas on transforming older clothes, may I suggest:
New From Old How to Transform and Customize Your Clothes by Jane Emerson
A fun book!

Don't forget for the Christmas holidays. Creative messies like us need her reminders.

Speaking of creative folks... (Has anyone seen Steve Jobs bookcase in his later years?) I loved the black and white shot of his most nonperfect bookcase as he strided across the room. I do believe he may have been a kindred spirit! Have you heard Steve Jobs thanked his birth mother for not aborting him?

Steve Jobs Was Glad He Didn’t Become a Victim of Abortion

Washington, DC | 11/25/11 12:49 PM

Steve Jobs Was Glad He Didn’t Become a Victim of Abortion

Everyday is a journal page what will we compose?

Live the Life. Jesus.

Love to All, ~Amelia

P.S. Stay tuned, if I'm a brave soul I may post results. Maybe. ; )

Friday, November 11, 2011

Easy-Breezy but Nice Dusting Powder for You to Make

This will make a great gift idea for family or friends!
loading ... ~Robert Stock

I'm trying very hard to keep Christmas simple but nice, simple but meaningful. Not shabby.

Just call me Donna Reed (Mary Bailey) and hubby George Bailey, there are days when I really feel like that. Our little Real Estate company in Oldtown is pretty close to the scenario in more ways than one to 'It's a Wonderful Life'. Even our building was built in the 40s. Allow me to enlighten those who don't realize that Realtors do not get paid one penny unless the sale closes. That means many a month that a Realtor makes nothing and often works their fanny off only to make nothing. Don't mean to sound neg-egg but it seems the more I talk with folks, and the more my Broker hubby and Realtor daughters talk to folks the more we realize people have no idea of this. I cringe when I hear people talk of Realtor's fees as if it's some evil something. Where else do you find a business person that acts as counselor, minister and confidant' as well as a legal assistant with paper work and contracts that would equal a pile of papers as thick as our heads? Enough said on that, but let's just say Real Estate keeps one humble and if you prayerfully find one that loves the Lord and is providing for a family, one who tithes to the Lord, count yourself blessed and pray for that person, support their business when possible. Take it from me, I see it all behind the scenes. Many a tear shed by my two oldest Realtor daughters. Many a fervent prayer and furrowed brow do I see on my prematurely silver haired Broker husband.

All that was brought up to say, I know my frugal stuff. : ) I never know which way the wind will blow so to speak just like...Mary Bailey. : )

Has anyone noticed how gift suggestion prices have gone up? I now hear amounts such as $10.00 mentioned in the modern burbs. It seems to me, $5.00 spent for a party gift or friendie gift is plenty. Some folks seem to speak of $10.00 like it's a dollar. It boggles the mind.

That's why I like living in Smalltown, people don't care what kind of car they drive, they don't care what kind of car you drive. You may see a sweet elderly person put a melon down because it's a bit too pricie for them, they'll smile sweetly saying,"Oh that's a little too much for me". People aren't so busy going from point A to B to say hello and ask how you are. And they really talk, they have time to talk and be friendly. I like that. I love that! Human beings live there. Common mankind. Think: The old movie, Meet John Doe. (1941) You can see it in entirety here too. Stay away from the Heelots. ; )

If you have a chance to live near a Smalltown, it is well worth it. There is a difference.

Here is one great and dandy economical but nice gift idea. Not only is this a great idea for others but for yourself too!

A long time ago when my oldest was in First Grade at a Christian school before I took the wonderful plunge to homeschool I carpooled with a sweet gal named Peggles. Peggles was married to a D.O. who worked the ER. A spazzy curly headed man who loved the Lord. Every now and then Peggles would let me know of a natural remedy for our baby or for my sore throat etc. I'll never forget one day she told me of a great alternative for baby powder for my baby Michelle. The answer? Cornstarch! Yes plain ol' cornstarch from the box.

Fast forward 20 years or so...

My then-Kindergartner will be 29 this weekend. I can't believe it...oh the wisdom I've learned since.

Since I knew Peggles back then, I've learned new things to do with cornstarch. Peggles, if you see this, give me a line, I often wonder where you ended up dear one.

You can either use the cornstarch plain for your baby or yourself or spruce it up for a gift with lavender oil or a spritz of your favorite perfume.

It's as easy as 1-2 - 3 !

You take plain ol' cornstarch, a box will be plenty. Yes, I know this pic is sideways, no one can accuse me of being a perfectionist. ; )

Then you take either essential oils, I personally think lavender is nice, make sure and do a safe one. You can also spritz the powder with your favorite perfume if you like that or just leave it plain if it's for you etc. How do you like my little bird? I love the little birds outside. They remind me so much of the Lord and how He watches over us. I love the birds, deer and my doglets and all Creatures Great and Small...Fur and feather angels.

loading ...~Robert Stock

Then we make it pretty. I happened it to have this lovely cardboard powder box from years ago from a dollar section. I use this for myself, it reminds me of a movie star's powder box. ; ) You could also use a nice crisp plastic bag with a cute bow for a casual gift. Just as long as it's cute...and thoughtful.

And there you have it, a nice useful pretty gift for someone special. : )
This is linked to Life as Mom, Frugal Friday.

And that's pretty much it, I hope everyone's having a nice week. I have a wowee sermon on one of my other blogs, Vision for a Godly Home.

I also have some cute cloth bags I whipped up for a Crisis Pregnancy prolife clinic on My Forest Cathedral blog .

Have a sweet week, K.I.S.S. Keep it simple sweetie! Keep it thoughtful. Remember, people may not remember what you say but they will remember how you make them feel.

I've had fun this week giving the tract out, "Have a Nice Day" from Rod & Staff publishers. They have been well received by many store clerks with a huge thank you! and a smile everytime. People are waiting for US, the Christ-bearers to bring the good cheer, tidings and wonders of Joy. Do we really believe in the Hope that is within us? I hope so! Let's share it. : )

Love in Christ Jesus my Lord, xxxooo ~Amelia

P.S. Happy Veteran's Day Daddy. And to ALL our Veterans! Thank you for your protection and GOD bless America.

Listening to: A Charlie Brown Christmas, sweet peaceful, joyful jazzy instrumental for this most wonderful Autumn day.

Monday, October 17, 2011

It's That Candle Time of Year!

Hobby Lobby candles are half price this week! Yippee! I love the cinnamon spice one for the fall and for Christmas too for that matter. Oh it is so nice. These are great candles with a strong fragrance much like the more expensive ones. For around $6.00 I have a large jar candle to bask in! These make nice gifts too. The green colored sugared spruce fragrance smells like Christmas trees, love those candles. Keep in mind Hobby Lobby puts these on sale from time to time and this time it is for the larger jar candles so make sure and read the ad carefully.

loading ... ~Robert Stock

Now if you are like me we must have some nice instrumental music to welcome the fall.

My favorite this week: David Lanz, Heartsounds. This one reminds me of leaves dancing and gracefully playfully falling from the trees. Beautiful.

Next in line is a beautiful selection: Adoration, Solo Piano Hymns by David Nevue. Another Bravissimo, it sets the stage for a beautiful peaceful home. An old pastor once encouraged our congregation to keep our homes in an atmostphere of praise, this fits the bill beautifully.

Enjoy and be blessed, ~Amelia

P.S. Please see "The Question of Kosher Meat", on my Vision for a Godly Home blog and it's a very important question too. Let's be found blameless.

EDIT: 10.20.11 Please also see "Booger Men and Small Rebellions"

Don't let the Booger Man of Busyness and his evil steed the three headed monster, the Multi-tasker steal from you!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inviting Atticus and Fam for a Luscious Lasagna Dinner

Hey There Hi There Ho There! Oh yay for fall! It's the season for neat old movies such as To Kill a Mockingbird with our dreamie friend, Gregory Peck. Yep, my second-born daughter, Marianna says she would marry Gregory but he is living impaired. Poor Gregory. But I just love the character he plays of Atticus in this movie...oh me oh my. Atticus is what we would call a gentleman. A gentleman with outstanding integrity.

I think if Atticus was our neighbor we would have to invite he and his children over to have some lasagana. I think they might like this recipe, it is so very good. My thirdborn daughter, Michelle made this last week and it was definitely company-worthy indeed. And what makes it even better is this one has it all, veggies and everything. Just serve it with some garlic bread and if you do have Atticus and children over you could make a huge tossed salad too, why I think Calpurnia might get a kick out of this dish as well so let's invite her too!

Speaking of this wonderful movie, To Kill a Mockingbird (1961) you may enjoy the blog I composed entitled What Part Do We Play? on my Vision for a Godly Home blog.

[IMG_9559-1.jpg] Michelle's (Michelina's) Artichoke Spinach Lasagna

Before it makes it debut in the oven it even looks good! Enjoy!
I'm bringing this over to Miz Helen's Full Plate Thursday today.

Golden Oldie Movies Our Family Has Enjoyed Lately:

The Woman in the Window (1944) A real creeper suspense with an interesting twist at the end. A bit of a good example of what happens when we allow those thoughts to build nests in our heads and sometimes become reality instead of shooing the birds away! Oh how we must be careful of our companionship as I'm sure you'll agree. We also must flee from evil not flirt with it. Excellent part played by Edward G. Robinson. Don't let those birds make a nest as Martin Luther once said.

Just This Once (1952) This is so adorable...A very cute and funny movie with a young Peter Lawford and Janet Leigh. We laughed outloud!

Catered Affair (1956) We just love Ernest Borgnine in most all movies we've seen with him. Betty Davis is in her later years, and what a part she plays of a loving mother, so different than what we are used to when we hear the name, Betty Davis. There is a darling Irish uncle in the small apartment too...and of course I'm partial to the Bronx...That is where my step dad was from. We loved him so.

"This story uncovers real feelings in a real world." ~Ernest Borgnine

You may enjoy the trailer at my Vision for a Godly Home blog along with thoughts on the great new movie, Courageous. Enjoy!

I'll close with this poem from an old Reminisce Extra magazine I recently read:


I have to live with myself, and so
I want to be fit for myself to know.
I want to be able, as days go by,
Always to look myself straight in the eye.
I don't want to stand with the setting sun
And hate myself for the things I've done.

I don't want to keep on a closet shelf
A lot of secrets about myself.
And fool myself, as I come and go,
Into thinking that nobody else will know
The kind of person I really am;
I don't want to dress up myself in sham.

I want to go out with my head erect,
I want to deserve all men's respect;
But here in the struggle for fame and pelf
I want to be able to like myself.
I don't want to look at myself and know
That I'm bluster and bluff and empty show.

I never can hide myself from me;
I see what others may never see.
I know what others may never know;
I never can fool myself, and so,
Whatever happens, I want to be
Self-respecting and conscience free.

~Edgar A. Guest

I hope you all are having a nice fall. Blessings to All! ~Amelia

Thursday, September 1, 2011

An Italian Soup that would Make my Grandma Smile

Lately I've been coming across irritating things if you know what I mean. ; ) Sometimes when these irritating things happen I think of my Italian grandma. She didn't put up with monkey business from people and would tell them so. Oh if you could see the theatre of my mind at times.... It. is. so. Grandma. And don't worry Grandma...I'll be nice, my grandma was very nice and had a big heart, bigger than Texas but she was real. No undercurrents with Grandma. No sirrie-bobbie. : )

In honor of my Grandma and Grandpa Italiano I will post one of my favorite Italian soups. They would have loved this one.

So here we have the no-nonsense Italian soup, it's no nonsense but warms the soul just like my Grandma!

This should be just the thing for the upcoming September evenings...
loading ... ~Robert Stock

A Most Very Italian Spinach and White Bean Soup
Melts in your mouth honey! (That's what my Grandma would have said!)

6 tablespoons olive oil
6 garlic cloves, chopped
3 large 16 oz. bags of frozen chopped spinach. (canned will do)
12 cups vegetable broth (I use the veggie bouillon cubes)
3 -4 cans of cannellini or white northern beans drained and rinsed
Parmesan cheese
black pepper
pasta, angel hair works well or spaghetti

Heat olive oil in bottom of a heavy pan on low. Add garlic and saute until fragrant but NO MORE. Only about 15 seconds. Browning garlic makes it bitter, that is a no-no and my grandma will come get you if you do that little thing. So don't. ; )

Get some water boiling for your pasta in a separate pot.

Add the spinach and saute a bit, a couple of minutes or so. Add the broth and beans. Sprinkle liberally over the top with your parmesan cheese. Cover and simmer until the beans are heated through, about 5 minutes. Season up with some black pepper to taste.

You should be cooking up some pasta by this time too, drain your pasta, this is the bed for your soup.

Ladle into soup bowls over the pasta and serve with parmesan cheese sprinkled over the top. Serve with a good bread and dinner is served!

This most heart warming soup will be shared at Mz. Helen's Full Plate Thursday today.

Also linked to Ultimate Recipe Swap 12.1.11 at LifeAsMom

Our formal table area in the summer eve at the country here. The fancy carved chairs were very much like my Grandma's before Hurricane Carla hit in 1961. Poor Grandma lost her beautiful chair set along with her and Grandpa's home. She and Grandpa had a fishing camp and her chair set was probably one of the only fancy things she had. Grandpa had sang opera in New York as a young man arriving from Sicily...It's a long story....Another blog. : )

As Hurricane Carla approached, I was an 8 month old baby. The U.S. Army came and picked up my mom, dad, grandparents and me wrapped in a blanket as the soldiers helped us upon the Army caisson. Our home does still stand today, but as I wrote, Grandma and Grandpa's house on the water was blown away by this storm.

Our chair set was sold to my husband at a blessing of a price, the normal price per chair is what we paid for the entire set. A doctor's wife didn't want the set anymore. My hubby is a Realtor broker and he runs across all kinds of people. His favorites are the sweet ones who have sweet hearts and just need a bit of help in life. He loves working with them, even if it means making less. True life at it's best in the Lord. God blesses and gives the full fulfillment.

Come visit me also at My Forest Cathedral and meet my buddy!

Also, some reminders and helps for us all at Vision for a Godly Home.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun Stuff to Show and Tell!

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I just thought I'd post a few of my favorite things today! I love old fashioned things so I thought I'd share these things with you, this will be some good old fashioned fun for me to post. I'm in a playful mood, I've had a challenging week and even have a twitch in my eye to show for do you like them apples?

How to Make a Smart Dusting Cap, this is too cute. Reminds me of I Love Lucy or better yet, the old movie, Penny Serenade. (1941)

You can see Penny Serenade here in entirety as well I love this sweet, but sad too. Do you know that once when Irene Dunne was at a church in movie land, someone tapped her on the shoulder and asked her..."Isn't seeing the movie stars here exciting!?" The person didn't even recognize Irene Dunne.

Here is something else I thought was so very cute, this is a nice old fashioned retro-look for longer hair:

And another...We got a kick out of Hoagy Carmichael here from the movie,Night Song (1947) :

Night Song (1947) We enjoyed the movie, about a classical music genius who has gone blind played by handsome Dana Andrews, his friend here played by adorable Hoagy Carmichael helps save the day. A nice movie.

So that is my quick show n' tell blog for today... I hope you enjoyed it!

loading ... ~Amelia

Come see me also at MyForestCathedral for home happenings. I just brewed some iced country-peach tea! Come on over and we can visit! : )

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Great Italian Lentil Balls!

Our oldest daughter Lea made these last night for sup and they were marvelous dahlings! Mahvelous! (Don't you just love the way the glamorous young woman engaged to the Jewish runner in the movie, 'Chariots of Fire' says the word, Marvelous - Mahvelous...

Our family is moving Vegetarian these days, if you see this video on my other blog you will see one of the number one reasons for me, it's a mercy issue and a humanitarian one, a justice issue about factory farming. My husband enjoys the health benefits too. I can't see Jesus approving of this abuse. No way, no how. Even on dairy, we are being far more particular, buying cheese only from farm owned happy cows (Bordens brand has a shredded cheese with the 'Family Owned' cow emblem on the front, yay!) and happy roaming chicken eggs. It pays to shop on these things. And there are so many vegan choices too on many cheeses etc.

Okay here is this most wonderful recipe, I hope you all enjoy it too. It was so good and tasty too.

The above photo is of Lea the other evening by the pond reading...Our pond is getting lower and lower and this drought is getting down right scary. Please pray for Texas!

Please pray for Texas and special thanks to Governor Perry for calling 'The Response' for prayers and repentance for our country, praying to stop abortion as well as for the silent pulpits. We were there and it was not fun and games, this was a serious prayerful and worshipful event. Many wonderful people of God were there praying and no man was lifted up, this was not an emergent church event. People like Aveda King, Dr. Dobson and his wife Shirley Dobson, Tony Evans, David Barton, the widow of Bill Bright, Vonette Bright were there along with John Hagee etc. Also, a beautiful young woman who survived her mother's abortion and a Holocaust survivor's son were there to pray. The list of prayer warriors goes on and on. We had several pastors in our immediate seating vicinity. People of all colors were there. My husband was praying over one precious black pastor and tears rolled down his face...The pastors who are preaching truth must be receiving tremendous persecution. I have sensed that lately. Who wouldn't? Our family has not had an easy time of it lately ourselves...

That's the wrap and now for that recipe! : )

Lea's Italian Lentil Balls, the Best in the West!

4 cups cooked lentils
2 cups bread crumbs
3 - 4 happy free roaming chicken eggs
3 -4 garlic cloves crushed
1 cup grated parmesan cheese
dried parsley
dried Italian seasoning
fennel seeds if desired
olive oil

Mix lentils, bread crumbs, eggs, garlic and cheese well until most lentils are smashed and ingredients are blended. Generously add seasonings to taste.

Roll into meatballs. Place in pan with thin layer of olive oil. Leave in 400 degree oven or broil til crisp and browned.

Lea served these delicious lentil balls with a light Italian gravy over cous cous. I'll share her light gravy with you as well:

Lea's Light Gravy for Pasta or Cous Cous

8 Roma tomatoes
1/3 cup olive oil
1 box vegetable broth
1 - 2 tsp. vinegar
crushed dried red pepper and salt to taste
handful of fresh basil

Saute' tomatoes in hot oil over medium high heat 2 minutes or until soft. Add broth and vinegar. cook 2 to 3 minutes or until tomateoes begin to wit. Stir in dried crushed red pepper,salt, and remaining basil.

Now gals, we can't put these Lentil Balls in the gravy because they will deteriate so make sure and serve them up separately.

Let me tell you, I had some today for lunch and they were just as good and crispy as they were last night.

I hope you enjoy this tasty and healthful recipe. I'm going to bring a dish right on over to Mz. Helen's Blueplate Thursday to share today.

This is also linked to Frugal Friday at Life with Mom. 9.16.11Link

I'll close with a selected poem from my devotions from yesterday from Streams in the Desert:

Loved! then the way will not be drear;
For One we know is ever near,
Proving it to our hearts so clear
That we are loved.

Loved when our sky is clouded o'er,
And days of sorrow press us sore;
Still we will trust Him evermore,
For we are loved.

Time, that affects all things below,
Can never change the love He'll show;
The heart of Christ with love will flow,
And we are loved.

You are loved! And remember, the same moon that shines over me shines over you too! So when you think about it and see that ol' moon, say a prayer for this gal here in Texas and I'll say one for you too. God knows who you are.... You are loved!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Easy Top for You to Make

Hi De Ho!

Just stopping by to share what I made yesterday. It was just the doglets, kitten and I here listening to Nat King Cole, what more could inspire?

Please allow me to share this pattern with you that was 99 cents on sale at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago. For 99 cents you really can't go wrong right? I can afford to mess those up and not cry over spilled milk so to speak.

This is the pattern: McCall's M5357
I put the v-necked short sleeved top together in a navy cotton lawn cloth. I had been looking for a navy top, a simple cap sleeved top and could find none to go with this skirt from Coldwater Creek: Pretty Blue Skirt

I ordered this skirt last month when they were offering free shipping with a good percentage off of the already marked down price. That's the way to do it if you ask me. : )

For my top, I made the sleeves a bit shorter cutting off the little slit doodle-dandy on the sleeves. I really like the way this top came out, no setting sleeves either. Yippee! I will wear the top with the pretty blue skirt with a wide belt thrown around the top. Now how's that for easy-breezy fashionable sweetness?

Here's a pic I think you all might enjoy, it's something I randomly took one evening last week. Hubs and I had taken a nice walk on our property, see my shoes? I bought them from the animal rescue site, not too shabby. In the pic you'll see some P.J. clad daughters and a paper plate on the floor. This photo just speaks life at our house on many an eve. The plate is from our doglets, I feed them on paper plates, that is one of my mini-maids. I don't have a real maid so I treat myself to little things like feeding our dogs on paper plates to avoid a rather yucky clean up from canned dog food. After supper who needs more stuff to clean? Hubs had been helping me load pics from my camera on our pc on his lap there...

Here is the living room shot:

Gregory Peck in an old 1957 movie on our screen:

Thanks for coming over y'all! Blessings to All! ~Amelia

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Easy Breezy Down Home Italian Cooking

My Easy-Breezy Gourmet Pasta Dish

It was getting late and I had to get something together quick and I mean quick for sup! Yes indeedie...I whipped this up and it turned out good. And I mean good. Hubs wants me to make this again. : )

I had 5 half frozen boneless chicken breasts to work with. One was gigantic I will say... We have 6 in our family. I do not like standing over the stove so I use my oven as much as possible. I put the half frozen chicken breasts in a 13 x 9 pan. In fact my Italian grandma's stainless steel pan, no aluminum for Grandma. She lived humbly but had the best in pots and pans...She knew what was important! : )

I drizzled olive oil liberally in the pan before putting the chicken. I grabbed my garlic powder and Tony Chachere's seasoning and sprinkled away.

Baked the chicken til it started to brown at 400. As it browned (around 30 - 45 minutes) I split the breasts in halves and fourths. Brown a bit more.

Then I start artfully to do what I love to do... I dump-dump-dump!

I go into my handy dandy pantry and grab a regular size stewed tomatoes and dump with juice!

I also found the treasure of a can of artichoke hearts. I dump with juice!

Then to top off my delicious pasta gravy I found a regular jar of store-bought pasta sauce.

On that store-bought pasta gravy...(Please don't tell my Grandma...or my Grandpa) They are in Heaven now but they would look at me like I was crazy.) My grandpa would say "ick". ; ) Grandpa had a thick Italian accent and was a sweetheart, he could say "ick" like only Grandpa could...Grandma would say Grandpa is going to throw that store-bought out the winda! (window). Grandpa would never do that but you get the picture... Grandpa was from Sicily and Grandma was from Naples. Grandpa came here when he was 15 in 1915 and Grandma came here as an infant several years before. Grandma grew up in the South and her accent was somewhere between New Orleans and a Southern Belle.

Last but not least, I sprinkle Italian seasonings over it all and pop that masterpiece back in the oven til it bubbles delightfully and the chicken is tender.

In the meantime I simmer up spaghetti.

I saved the day with this, and the pasta gravy in the pan with chicken was ladled over the pasta with Italian cheese on top to everyone's fancy.

Here's your list:

5-6 chicken breasts (frozen is fine)
1 reg. can of stewed tomatoes
1 reg. can of artichoke hearts
1 regular size jar of store-bought (oh how it pains me to type that) pasta gravy, Americani folks say "sauce".

olive oil
garlic powder
Tony Chachere's seasoning
Italian seasoning
Italian cheese, Romano or Parmesan to sprinkle on top

And yes, you read that correctly...It is Pasta GRAVY. That is what the real Italians call it here. : )
Marianna Orlando"Yes, I confess it was from a jar!"
The end.

If you think you may like to try this dish I think that's great. If you post this recipe please give credit where credit is due, it's hurtful finding your recipe on another's blog with no credit. As my old pastor once said: It's nice to be nice. : )

6.30.11 Linked to Full Plate Thursday.

Feel free to visit VisionForaGodlyHome for encouragements in your walk with the Lord and everyday happenings at My Forest Cathedral

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Stranger (1946)

The Stranger is an old suspense thriller. Edward G. Robinson is amazing as usual...The movie is about a Nazi war criminal, played by Orson Wellles marrying a young lady played by Loretta Young. I warned my girls as we watched the movie...

Do you see why you need to know someone very well before agreeing to marry them?

I wanted to just jump up and down and scream at the young lady to be careful, look out with both eyes wide open!

I would not recommend this for small children, it has some disturbing things in it that may frighten and disturb children such as scenes from the holocaust and evil done to the family dog. The ending is not pleasant for the Nazi. Hubs and I are very careful on what we allow in our home, our daughters are ages 17 to 28, plenty mature of course. Evil is portrayed as evil in this movie, not glorified.

You can see it in entirety here: The Stranger (1946) Your local library should also have copies as well as other resources.

A very interesting, suspenseful movie. Edward G. Robinson is a gem! I love his character in the movie. Great character lessons here as well as warnings!

"Charles Rankin is a professor in a respectable Connecticut town about to marry the daughter of a U.S. Supreme Court justice. But his name is fake and his past is filthy. An earnest convert to Christianity, who once ran a Nazi concentration camp, is capable of exposing him. So "Rankin" kills this little old man and buries his body in the forest. But he isn't safe because an investigator from the War Crimes Commission is on his tail. Rankin will need his own wife to help him elude capture. But his fascination with the local clock tower may prove his undoing."
Written by J. Spurlin

May we as Christians remember we have an enemy that is just as sneaky and worse then the Nazi character in this movie...May we keep our eyes wide open! May we spend daily time with the Lord and know His Word for ourselves so we will not be deceived.

James 1:16 says Brethren, be not deceived.
Our little poodle, Esther and I on our front porch. I didn't cut my hair, it's simply back in a clip.

Here is a nice quote I've recently come across:

"The best reason to pray is that God is really there. In praying, our unbelief gradually starts to melt. God moves smack into the middle of even an ordinary day.... Prayer is a matter of keeping at it.... Thunderclaps and lightning flashes are very unlikely. It is well to start small and quietly."

~Emilie Griffin

Friday, May 13, 2011

Great Movie, The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)

Our family thoroughly enjoyed this movie this past week, we've watched it in parts for several evenings since Mothers Day.

This is one of those wonderful movies worthy of a purchase indeed, as it has been in our collection for years now. Winner of 7 Academy Awards. I recently purchased the soundtrack for our family as a treat, I can't wait to receive it, so poignant...

One fact you may be interested in is that the actor who played Homer, Harold Russell had actually lost his hands in war...No one else could have played the part with the true life experience as he did...

Each time we watch this film we are so very moved by it. These movies are gems, nothing like what they are putting out today. There is nothing like them!

See the Trailer Enjoy the beautiful theme music too....

One of my favorite parts HERE ...A tender, poignant testimony of a faithful marriage, this middle aged couple, the husband returning from war... They with their young adult daughter having a heartfelt discussion on the disappointments in life...This scene never fails to either bring tears to my eyes or a sobering silence in our living room because it is so true. We have four daughters ages 17 to 28 and I can so understand both sides and have sometimes seen similar thoughts and outcomes... We have been married for almost 31 years...We were young once and still are in many ways. This most remembered part is wonderful...Just as relevant for today.

This film paints a picture of the struggles of World War II servicemen that they faced AFTER the war was over. It was a more personal struggle of men returning home after being away for many years, and after experiencing horrors that their loved ones could never fully understand. They return home as changed people, and come home to changed lives.

The story of such a homecoming experienced by thousands of men after World War II is told from the perspective of three fictional characters: Captain Fred Derry, a bombadier in the Army Air Corps (Dana Andrews), Sergeant Al Stevenson, an Army infantryman (Frederich March), and Seamen Homer Parrish(Harold Russell). They happen to meet on the plane to their hometown, having never met before, and immediately form a bond built upon mutual understanding of the experiences of war and the anxieties of returning home again...

Captain Derry came from a poor background before the war, and married a blond bombshell (Virgnia Mayo) while in the Air Corps. He hopes to return home to a better life, a nice home with his wife, and a better job. This was not to be, as Derry struggles to try and deal with bad job prospects (no one in the civilian world needs a bombadier) and a cheating wife. In a poignant moment in the film, Derry (at his lowest) tells his Father to throw away the citations for his medals, because "they don't mean anything". His Father reads the one for the Distinguished Flying Cross, signed by General Jimmy Doolittle, and a look of pride comes over the old man's face for his son's heroism that makes you want to cry and cheer all at the same time. It also makes the viewer see how criminal it was for such a man to be made to feel worthless...

(My note: Captain Derry's parents are gems...I loved the character of these precious parents. They were truly rich in what counted, sweet hearts, they remind me of my Italian grandparents years ago. I wish more people would value such sweet hearts.)

Seamen Parrish's problems are the most obvious. He lost his hands during the war, and now must come home to his family and fiancee with hooks for hands. The actor who potrayed Parrish, Harold Russell, was a real disable veteran, and lends credibility to the role that no one else could have due to real life experience.

This may seem like a depressing film, but it is actually uplifting in its entirety because it does show that hope doesn't die, and that you really can come home again after all. It is also a film of historical importance due to the insights it provides into post-World War II America, and the struggles of veterans in the post-war years. Captain Derry, Sergeant Stevenson, and Seamen Parrish, and their individual struggles to reclaim their lives can provide the student of history an important perspective on the many real life veterans who returned home, and the country of the time they returned home to.

The film has certainly earned accolades over the years. It won the Oscar for Best Picture of 1946. It was named by the American Film Institute as one of the 100 Best Movies ever made, and was also named as one of the most important films of all time by the National Archives for the National Film Registry.

"The Best Years of Our Lives" is not to be missed for both its dramatic poignancy and its insight into an important period of American History. And its a beautiful sight to behold in DVD quality. ~Captain Hornblower

I hope you all enjoy the movie as you see fit for your families... Mothers, grandmothers you may enjoy the Bible Study link on my Vision for a Godly Home.blogspot too....Be encouraged. : )

If you are an old fashioned family or person who values the old fashioned values and ways of life, the Lord Jesus Christ, please be encouraged and may we encourage one another. Until the next time...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lookie What I'm Makin'!

I love to sew simple, yes indeedie.

Right now I'm working on a very simple pattern, it's for a blouse...
Photo It's Simplicity pattern #8523

I made the one in v-neck and short sleeves in a black and lime green mini modern print and belted it with a wide black belt. Looked very cute with a black skirt.

I'm now working on the same blouse in solid black. I love to wear black, and my favorite black dressier simple knit top seems to be stretching out a bit and the other black top is faded. I prefer non-tshirt material on blouses if possible and this is perfect!

Sewing is so liberating. If you can find some simple patterns and some great material to have on hand as it is put on sale you can have a wardrobe at your fingertips!

I use the Brothers machines, bottom line at Walmart. These are inexpensive for new sewing machines and work like a charm. We own two. My last purchase was no more than $50. and bought online at

Do you or someone in your family like to sew simple?

Have a good day everyone, don't forget to check out the tribute to dear Brother Wilkerson on Vision For a Godly Home, one of my other blogs. Also new thoughts on time being our currency, and being still, enjoying true life.

Take care All! A hug. ~Amelia

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easy Company Dinner? I've Got It!

EDIT. 5.2.11 Please pray for the David Wilkerson family, Brother Wilkerson will be sorely missed. I've linked to his last blog on my Vision for a Godly Home blog.

Hello All!

I know it's been a while but Mrs. Amelia moved recently to the great country, I'm surrounded by boxes and varying thoughts but so enjoying this beautiful creation of the Lord,we've lived in this area before so it's somewhat of a wonderful dejavu.

We recently had a guest arrive and we needed a good company meal, good, comforting and savory.

The meal? Easy Chicken and Rice.

I had found this recipe from a friend on xanga, my old blog home, I've tweaked it a bit and doubled it for our larger crowds.

I figured you gals too would enjoy this recipe to have on file for a good ol' tried and true company meal.

I think it's fun to share tips on making company easier so here is a good tip to do that very thing:

loading ...

Easy Chicken & Rice

1 Stick of butter
1/2 cup of olive oil
2 large cans healthy choice cream of mushroom soup + 4 c. water
3 c. instant brown rice
2 envelopes of instant onion soup mix
5-6 chicken breasts cut into little pieces (size your preference)

In a pot place butter, oil, soup &water until heated and butter melts, and starts to simmer. Add soup mix. Stir to blend.

In a large casserole pan pour raw instant rice evenly over bottom and then pour liquid soup mixture over this. Then place raw chicken pieces here and there into the rice under the gravy mixture.

Cover with foil and away we go at 300 degrees for 1 & 1/2 hours.

I sprinkle a tiny bit of parsley flakes across the finished article for color or if you have fresh on hand, fresh parsley sprigs would be a beautiful garnish.

We served ours with mixed vegetables, chilled canned peaches in natural juice and homemade rolls. Store-bought rolls work nicely of course.

This is tried and true. This fed 7 with plenty leftover.


I like this recipe so much and am so confident in it I even brought it to Ms. Helen's Cottage Full Plate Thursday!

We still haven't found dd28's "Fat Baby" yet, I'm thinking the baby doll is still in the attic at our other home, hopefully we'll find her soon.

Pray for me, it's a bit difficult getting organized and this home is not finished yet so there are things undone all around, we have satellite internet so it's not as reliable as far as connection... it can all be overwhelming. Usually all I need to do though is take a nice walk outside and feel and experience the Lord's beautiful creation and I'm recharged. : )

I appreciate all my blogging friends and I do hope you will enjoy the recipe. If you have a recipe or a tip for easy company please let me know here, it's fun to share tips with one another!

Missing you all.... ~Amelia

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Packing, Decluttering, Baby Dolls & Muffins Oh My!

Hi-de-ho Everyone!

It's that packin' time! Yes indeedie. : )

The other day I was packing my books from my bedroom bookcase on the wall of my bedside. It was kind of scary. I felt like I was putting old sweet friends in boxes, it was almost as if I was afraid of not seeing them again for a while...Oh I'm such a sentimental mess.

But you know? The thought came to me...Does anyone remember the old Ray Bradbury story? It's the story where there was a nuclear explosion on earth and there is one person left alive? The person is a man who loves books. So he is content reading books until his eyeglasses are shattered....Is that not horrible? I thought of that story as I was packing my books... I hang on to my glasses with a safe hand I tell you! :) For me? I couldn't drive without them...Wow, which is worse, not reading or driving?

I did leave some books out...Just a few..or so. ; )

I kept my pediatrician's book out, the one with medicine dosages and warning signs etc. My youngest is 17 but every now and then those charts come in handy. I loved my pediatrician's detailed-ness. I never understood why more doctors didn't put together a booklet like that for patients. I remember my girlfriends would call me for advice and I would simply go to my book.

The other books are three Grace Livingston Hill books, no four...'April Gold',' The Substitute Guest', 'Crimson Mountain' and the one I am reading now...'Beauty for Ashes'. It's wowee so far and we have experienced a bit of a situation a bit similar as of late. I am so amazed at the protection of the Lord! Even though a situation of a potential courtship doesn't work out, God reveals! He protects so major it is unreal. Talk about a secret detective of the BEST KIND! GOD is the REVEALER. He's the Revealer on a lot of things let me tell you... At 50 I see so clearly now the ways God has protected our family.

My dd25> also likes GLH books...She read them when she was younger and is getting back on the GLH train too these days....The books are so much fun to talk about with our girls, I have even been able to read parts outloud after dinner, and my husband even enjoys them especially "Beauty for Ashes" it has a wonderful dad in the book. Our daughters can also so relate to the young women in these books. Most are written in the 30s and 40s....They also have very strong Christian themes woven into them in the most beautiful of ways.

Hm. Looks like I just went off on a bunny trail there but isn't that what blogging is about? : ) It's my journal, my life, my thoughts for the world to see.

The other books of honor left are: 'The Joy of Less', 'Mrs. Sharp's Traditions' (You never know when you need to pull something out of her book!) 'Best Homes of the 1920s' (In case I catch myself whining about not enough space), 'Stories of Dogs and the Lives They Touch', 'Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health For Dogs & Cats', 'Cold Noses and Warm Hearts' (Yes, I love my doglets and catlet a great deal) 'Mitten Strings for God', 'Clutter No More' and 'Organized Simplicity'. 'To Live Again' by Catherine Marshall is on the shelf to be previewed, I'm thinking it may be nice encouragement for my mil. A 'Reminisce' magazine or two...or three... My Bible and 'Streams in the Desert' will stay out of course. : )

I'll have to do a blog soon on those Grace Livingston Hill books, Carmen here on blogger let me in on them several years ago and now I'm a full blown fan... : ) They are wonderful. Here is a nice blog entry Carmen did on her inherited collection of Grace Livingston Hill books.

I'm a packin' away, I even decluttered more and so did our four daughters. They have nine bags of dolls, doll clothes and toys and such ready for a donation pick up. I told the girls I did not even want to look in the bags, it would do me in. Dd28 tells me it 's probably for the best I don't look. (yikes)

< Dd28 is concerned though. Why? Because FAT BABY is missing. Missing! That was her favorite doll when she was little, her name was Jennifer but most of the time... "Fat Baby". She is a darling lil' baby dolly, she is the old fashioned kind, with a vinyl face & head, with a cloth body and little vinyl arms and legs, and the cloth tummy is sooooo cute and pudgie...thus.... Fat Baby.

I assured Dd28 Fat Baby is probably in the attic carefully stored. I just cannot imagine otherwise! Isn't it funny though, my little girl, now 28 working for her daddy in Real Estate aspiring to be a wife and mommy herself one day...but now? She wants her Fat Baby! lol She was sharing with me when she and my other daughters get together with their sweet friends, other wonderful and godly Christian young women, they turn back the clocks to a carefree youth...Laughter and jokes coupled with girliness....A labor and delivery nurse, a sports writer, a wedding photographer, a master herbalist...all aspiring wives & mommies, lovers of Christ. Where God will lead no one knows, who God will bring these precious young ladies in what timing, no one knows...But He is in control, yes He is. In the meantime let them laugh. Let them laugh and be silly all they want! : )

So much for that, but in case you are wondering my declutter party is still in gear.

Yesterday I even wrapped up a sweet cookie jar someone made, but we all agreed it may be better off with someone else? .... I don't know sometimes....It is cute and the rabbit on the top has the cutest face............... ? : (

My husband brought his musician stuff to the new house today remarking: "You know we're packing seriously when I move my music stuff". Yep, he's right.

I'm also wrapping up sewing projects, my latest, Simplicity 8523. V-neck top with black and lime green dots, will be cute belted with black skirt should be finished up by tomorrow or so. Then I need to pack my sewing. My sewing machine? I have the blue and white Brothers from Walmart and the pink flower Brothers from Walmart online. I love those machines in case you're looking and they don't cost an arm or leg. We all sew thus two machines.

Such freedom in sewing....I keep it easy, I keep it simple. It works.

Last but not least I have a recipe for you, my Dd21>

My Photo

...just made these and they are marvelous dahlings! Marvelous!

Healthy Banana Oat Muffins

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour (you could also use half whole wheat flour)
1 cup rolled or quick rolled oats

1/4 cup sugar (I used honey to make them more healthy)
1/4 cup packed light brown sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 egg
3/4 cup milk
1/3 cup applesauce or vegetable oil

1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup mashed bananas

Combine flour, oats, sugar, baking powder, soda, and salt. Beat egg lightly in a large bowl and then stir in milk, applesauce (or oil), and vanilla. Add mashed bananas and combine thoroughly. Stir flour mixture into the banana mixture until just combined making sure not to over mix it. Divide the batter among cups of the muffin pan. Bake at 375 degrees for about 15 min. or until golden brown.

As for Dd17> My  Photo

Our baby girl? I found the sweetest letter yesterday while decluttering she had written a little friend seven years ago after moving to the burbs. It said:

"We used to live on 10 acres, I love the country, I wish I still lived in the country"

Oh it broke my heart...But ya know? Sunday's coming and we'll be back baby Becca. Yes, my Lovely we're going back. Soon. May God be glorified. Amen.

Dh & I

Grace and Peace to All, God's Protection be with you...until next time. ~Amelia

Please pray for Baby Jonathan that God would move on hearts and be with this precious, precious baby. You can read about Baby Jonathan on my Vision For a Godly Home blog.

Monday, February 21, 2011

What a Love of a Movie. 1943. Since You Went Away

I recently viewed this movie, an Oscar winner and just so enjoyed it...I was so touched by both the opening quote and the end scripture.

When we say they don't make movies like they used to, we aren't kidding. I was born in the very early 60s and most of the movies even in the 60s really are not acceptable in many ways unless you are speaking of gems as in The Sound of Music or To Kill a Mockingbird...Beautiful and rare gems indeed..

Those of you who like to keep movies with elements of Christmas in them, this movie would also fit that bill. If you are looking for a wonderful patriotic movie, this would fit the bill and if you are looking for a movie that represents the WWII era...this fits the bill...If you are looking for a poignant movie, this is one of them. Also there is the sweetest scene ever of the young ladies praying in the movie. The music is wonderful, I plan on purchasing the cd in the future to play in the background of our home. An old preacher I knew stressed how we should keep our homes in an atmosphere of praise, and sometimes for me, that not only includes praises and hymns but beautiful instrumentals as well...God is the author of those too many times....The music speaks beautiful stories to my heart and sets a mood in my home. I do wish department stores and restaurants would grasp this!

And now allow me to share some clips of that wonderful movie...

of Since You Went Away...
You will see this quote:

"This is the story of the Unconquerable American Fortress: The Home...1943."

Part a
The Overture. Just sit back and enjoy the wonderful music and scenes...Hang the busyness...Enjoy.

Part q
The End. You will see:

"Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord."

You may see all segments of the movie as well as you will see them labeled by abbreviation and alphabet on you tube. It's nice that there is a way to view the movie in entirety, I'm sure the movie is available for sale and rental as well.

Please join me in a trip to the 40s and what it was like in many a household. Also remember the beginning quote; it really was true then. It was true until the men became passive and the women decided to eat the apple of worldly wisdom and become "liberated". Many have torn their own homes down. Let's do what we can to retain innocence and purity in our homes. Be on guard and shun busyness, so many wearing it as a medal these days, it's epidemic. Let's be found faithful and all there for our families.

This quote CAN be true for us TOO. As a woman, I know my highest and most noble calling is that of a stay at home wife and mother. To me? That is true liberation in the highest sense.

A quiet and peaceful home, yes we can attain that with the Lord's help listening to His quiet voice. We can't be too busy to listen though...Whose voice will we listen to?

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

We recently had a major death in the family. Alzheimers is a very bad disease, the long goodbye...With all that's transpired we've been under the weather with the flu to boot, but plugging along... As Elisabeth Elliot says.....Just do the next thing. Amen.

I have some sewing projects I've been working on, I'll have to share some nice easy patterns with you all soon. De-cluttering is a constant here as well.

Take care all, until the next time..."Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord."
~Mrs. Amelia

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Note to Self

loading ...

Yay! My hero, Purple Heart, came and heroically picked up all the bags, at least nine or ten of them along with several boxes etc. from the homestead here. Let's just say it was a lot. A lot. The volunteer looked like a G.I. Joe with a cowboy hat and black leather jacket, not to mention cowboy boots and Wranglers. Yay Purple Heart!

It's nice to know the things are appreciated and it's nice to know we didn't donate any stained up articles only things with worth for someone, things to BLESS others.

Now for Round III of our De-Clutter party!

Before I begin I must confess to my thoughts on something.

Last summer I had made what I thought to be a super-wowee dress with beautiful black cotton floral material. The material was very pretty, an enchanting array of English flowers in baskets and the dress pattern was one of the more expensive ones an individual designed. Let's just say all my hard work on that dress and enchanted high hopes didn't pan out and in the future I will probably stick with making separates for the mostpart for reasons some of you ladies may get me on. : )

This morning, I was going through my sewing box looking through my material to see if I should take advantage of a nice sale at and purchase some nice knit materials to make a couple of simple tops, and another skirt set to tie things together. I am finding it helps to declutter first by checking my working stash before spending one dime.

Out peeps the dress I had made...I had hopes of making a skirt out of the bottom portion but I could tell from a quick look it would still be lacking. Then I thought...But I could make napkins out of it.

<Then self kicked in, at least the nice part of self not the selfish part of self:

"Now Self, you know that that is being very selfish. This dress will be a huge blessing to a woman who loves things like this, just like you love things like this. This dress will fit her very nicely, it will be a blessing for her."

I suddenly felt really rotten for even thinking to make napkins out of that poor dress.

I quickly stuffed it into a bag for Purple Heart and it is now gleefully riding along with the cowboy hero awaiting another sister who will be greatly blessed with the pretty dress.

Yay God!

When we donate to charity, when we give faithfully, we reap the joy of sharing...and God pours out His blessing! ~Inspirational Bible

I want to be a cheerful giver, the real deal. God loves a cheerful giver!

38Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." ~Luke 6:38
Perhaps I'll be back later for updates, we shall see what we shall see...Today I've watched & listened in the background with Dd17 as she edits photos, the movie: "To Kill a Mockingbird"...Just love that movie. Gregory Peck is such a gentleman in the character Atticus. The music is hauntingly beautiful, we play the soundtrack many a day. The movie is so telling on prejudices of many kinds... Enjoying a cup of french pressed coffee. Dds17 & 25 making Chinese for supper. Goodnight All.

Please remember the Sanctity of Life. It's a sobering time to remember the unborn in our country, I have an article I had written on Roe Vs. Wade and also a sobering grand jury report of recent. There is a holocaust in our very country. Please pray to end abortion. If only wombs had windows! You may read more of these thoughts and challenges on my other blog:

Vision for a Godly Home

Also tips for keeping a Godly Home are found there, its starts with us, it's the heart of the parents that will be ultimately shown.

For an audience of One, my Savior, Jesus. ~Amelia