Sunday, March 11, 2012

'Old Acquaintance' (1943) Worth Seeing, Funny, Sad, the Works

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'Old Acquaintance' (1943) The trailer....This was a very enjoyable movie. My daughters are older, ages 18 to 29 and oh boy did we understand the jealousy and envy that can occur between women..not pretty but represented very well and humorously in this movie. A bit sad and a bit funny...worth seeing. I think men too would (should) understand plenty if they are perceptive of life's wiles.

This is hilarious. At around... 3:57 Bette Davis really does something many only talk about. ; ) Bette Davis plays a great part in this movie, the character Bette Davis plays is so right on here. Our entire family including hubby laughed out loud in unbelief. "Sorry". Ha!

Yep, the part played by Miriam Hopkins is something I've seen way too much of in my lifetime as I'm sure some of you have too. My girls give me reports of this as well many a day. Ought not be in certain circles. Insecure, sneaky and envious women, girls of all ages. Is it any wonder the Bible says, Envy - Who can stand against it?

Monday, March 5, 2012

'The War Against Mrs. Hadley' (1942) A Plum Wonderful Movie!

Hi Everyone,

Our family just saw this movie the other night. This is one of those movies we had in our album but hadn't seen it yet...Oh I'm so glad we took a chance! We've watched it several more times since!

A snobbish Washington matron tries to ignore the effects of World War II. We see those who are truly rich in character in this movie...poignant, humorous at times, just a plum wonderful movie. I especially love the down-to-earth Irish mother in law...Oh what a sweetheart. Oh does she have some choice words for Mrs. Hadley at times...Made me *smile*. And made me say....*oh wow* *so true* You'll see....

Enjoy. : ) Love to All, ~Amelia