Monday, February 21, 2011

What a Love of a Movie. 1943. Since You Went Away

I recently viewed this movie, an Oscar winner and just so enjoyed it...I was so touched by both the opening quote and the end scripture.

When we say they don't make movies like they used to, we aren't kidding. I was born in the very early 60s and most of the movies even in the 60s really are not acceptable in many ways unless you are speaking of gems as in The Sound of Music or To Kill a Mockingbird...Beautiful and rare gems indeed..

Those of you who like to keep movies with elements of Christmas in them, this movie would also fit that bill. If you are looking for a wonderful patriotic movie, this would fit the bill and if you are looking for a movie that represents the WWII era...this fits the bill...If you are looking for a poignant movie, this is one of them. Also there is the sweetest scene ever of the young ladies praying in the movie. The music is wonderful, I plan on purchasing the cd in the future to play in the background of our home. An old preacher I knew stressed how we should keep our homes in an atmosphere of praise, and sometimes for me, that not only includes praises and hymns but beautiful instrumentals as well...God is the author of those too many times....The music speaks beautiful stories to my heart and sets a mood in my home. I do wish department stores and restaurants would grasp this!

And now allow me to share some clips of that wonderful movie...

of Since You Went Away...
You will see this quote:

"This is the story of the Unconquerable American Fortress: The Home...1943."

Part a
The Overture. Just sit back and enjoy the wonderful music and scenes...Hang the busyness...Enjoy.

Part q
The End. You will see:

"Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord."

You may see all segments of the movie as well as you will see them labeled by abbreviation and alphabet on you tube. It's nice that there is a way to view the movie in entirety, I'm sure the movie is available for sale and rental as well.

Please join me in a trip to the 40s and what it was like in many a household. Also remember the beginning quote; it really was true then. It was true until the men became passive and the women decided to eat the apple of worldly wisdom and become "liberated". Many have torn their own homes down. Let's do what we can to retain innocence and purity in our homes. Be on guard and shun busyness, so many wearing it as a medal these days, it's epidemic. Let's be found faithful and all there for our families.

This quote CAN be true for us TOO. As a woman, I know my highest and most noble calling is that of a stay at home wife and mother. To me? That is true liberation in the highest sense.

A quiet and peaceful home, yes we can attain that with the Lord's help listening to His quiet voice. We can't be too busy to listen though...Whose voice will we listen to?

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

We recently had a major death in the family. Alzheimers is a very bad disease, the long goodbye...With all that's transpired we've been under the weather with the flu to boot, but plugging along... As Elisabeth Elliot says.....Just do the next thing. Amen.

I have some sewing projects I've been working on, I'll have to share some nice easy patterns with you all soon. De-cluttering is a constant here as well.

Take care all, until the next time..."Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord."
~Mrs. Amelia

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Note to Self

loading ...

Yay! My hero, Purple Heart, came and heroically picked up all the bags, at least nine or ten of them along with several boxes etc. from the homestead here. Let's just say it was a lot. A lot. The volunteer looked like a G.I. Joe with a cowboy hat and black leather jacket, not to mention cowboy boots and Wranglers. Yay Purple Heart!

It's nice to know the things are appreciated and it's nice to know we didn't donate any stained up articles only things with worth for someone, things to BLESS others.

Now for Round III of our De-Clutter party!

Before I begin I must confess to my thoughts on something.

Last summer I had made what I thought to be a super-wowee dress with beautiful black cotton floral material. The material was very pretty, an enchanting array of English flowers in baskets and the dress pattern was one of the more expensive ones an individual designed. Let's just say all my hard work on that dress and enchanted high hopes didn't pan out and in the future I will probably stick with making separates for the mostpart for reasons some of you ladies may get me on. : )

This morning, I was going through my sewing box looking through my material to see if I should take advantage of a nice sale at and purchase some nice knit materials to make a couple of simple tops, and another skirt set to tie things together. I am finding it helps to declutter first by checking my working stash before spending one dime.

Out peeps the dress I had made...I had hopes of making a skirt out of the bottom portion but I could tell from a quick look it would still be lacking. Then I thought...But I could make napkins out of it.

<Then self kicked in, at least the nice part of self not the selfish part of self:

"Now Self, you know that that is being very selfish. This dress will be a huge blessing to a woman who loves things like this, just like you love things like this. This dress will fit her very nicely, it will be a blessing for her."

I suddenly felt really rotten for even thinking to make napkins out of that poor dress.

I quickly stuffed it into a bag for Purple Heart and it is now gleefully riding along with the cowboy hero awaiting another sister who will be greatly blessed with the pretty dress.

Yay God!

When we donate to charity, when we give faithfully, we reap the joy of sharing...and God pours out His blessing! ~Inspirational Bible

I want to be a cheerful giver, the real deal. God loves a cheerful giver!

38Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." ~Luke 6:38
Perhaps I'll be back later for updates, we shall see what we shall see...Today I've watched & listened in the background with Dd17 as she edits photos, the movie: "To Kill a Mockingbird"...Just love that movie. Gregory Peck is such a gentleman in the character Atticus. The music is hauntingly beautiful, we play the soundtrack many a day. The movie is so telling on prejudices of many kinds... Enjoying a cup of french pressed coffee. Dds17 & 25 making Chinese for supper. Goodnight All.

Please remember the Sanctity of Life. It's a sobering time to remember the unborn in our country, I have an article I had written on Roe Vs. Wade and also a sobering grand jury report of recent. There is a holocaust in our very country. Please pray to end abortion. If only wombs had windows! You may read more of these thoughts and challenges on my other blog:

Vision for a Godly Home

Also tips for keeping a Godly Home are found there, its starts with us, it's the heart of the parents that will be ultimately shown.

For an audience of One, my Savior, Jesus. ~Amelia