Friday, January 28, 2011

The Blob - The Clutter!

This is what clutter reminds me of... Horrors!!!!!

This was made before I was born but I remember the kids in elementary school talking about that scary movie, The Blob! Muahahhahaha! Made in 1958. Steve McQueen's first lead role. The history of the movie is very interesting, look at Steve McQueen's salary.

You can see the theatrical trailer here: The Blob (1958)

If you relate The Blob to clutter and excess spending and excess stuff it is quite humorous indeed!

Here is a recipe I would like to share with you all, this is a great last minute supper recipe. Easy-Breezy... That's me!

I'll call it .... Chicken Stroganoff...

Chicken Stroganoff

I always think of a fancy name for my dishes, hubby comes home and he asks...
"What's for supper?"

I always think of a fancy name, it makes it more interesting and a delight to the tastebuds. Yes indeedie.

We had 4 home for supper last night.

I had 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts.

I had 2 small onions.

1 can of Healthy Request Cream of Mushroom soup.

Okie dokie, you heat olive oil and butter and fry a sliced onion, one large, two small, whatever you have on hand.

Make it nice and brown.

Cut your chicken breasts in little pieces around an inch each. Brown those really well with the onions.

Then you put the Cream of Mushroom soup with a can of milk added. If you browned the onions and chicken really, really well, it will make a nice brown gravy. You can season it up with salt, pepper, garlic powder and last night I added some sour cream, unflavored yogurt works too, but neither are necessary.

Let it simmer a while to tenderize the chicken a bit.

I served mine over brown rice but of course this could be served over noodles or pasta as well...

I made brussel sprouts on the side. Just 2 bags of plane jane frozen brussel sprouts. I add butter and olive oil. When the sprouts are done, we like our sprouts very cooked but not pulverized. I cut them each in halves so they can absorb the good butter/olive oil flavor. I add garlic powder, salt & pepper and there we go.

Easy-Breezy good food. That's me!

Oh yes, I'm still decluttering, and the party continues at least here in our home it does!

The Blob movie really does describe how it feels some days... The more I give away, the more of the stuff that appears!

Yesterday I threw out the flower arrangement high on top of my bedside bookcase. Oh my goodness, the thing had taken on another life of it's own! It was loaded with dust. I marched that thing out of the house so fast! *Poof* Out it went...And I mean POOF! The dust flew! LOL (Remember it had been way up high gracing my bookcase for several years) Normally I bathe things like this, but this poor thing was coated come to find out and I'm thinking maybe these up-high arrangements are truly dust collectors.

Today. Two pair of shoes that were hiding from me, they were favorites of mine. One pair in particular... They are black leather high heels, a 1920s retro style. I've fixed them and fixed them but the heel is at least two inches, it won't work for me. The other pair is a beautiful pair of beige Leo dance shoes, I never danced in them unless it was just dancing around the house or with hubs dancing out of a store on datenight...Remember, I do things like that. : ) But they are a beautiful pair of shoes I had found at the resale shop in new condition. Think: Rockettes. I loved the look of them and enjoyed wearing the versatile color with fall skirts and such. Such is life, someone like me will be so excited to get them. Once again, the heel is a bit high to keep a nice healthy back and stay comfortable.

Here are a few selected tips from

  1. Admit that you own too much clothing. That’s all you really need to get started.
  2. Wear fewer colors. Most of us already have a few favorite colors that we wear most often anyway – usually because we like the way we look in them. Choosing to intentionally wear fewer colors means less accessories (shoes, belts, jewelry, handbags, etc.). It also makes too much sense not to try.
  3. Embrace the idea of one. When one can be enough, embrace it – one black dress, one swimsuit, one winter coat, one black belt, one pair of black shoes, one pair of sneakers, one handbag… insert your own based on your occupation, lifestyle, or climate.

You know? It's interesting, I grew up more minimalist and didn't even realize it. I'm an only child and my parents really, really persevered in keeping me un-spoiled materially. I owned one coat, one pair of school shoes, one pair of tennis shoes, one bathing suit. At Easter time I got a pair of Easter shoes, and usually in the spring, a nice pair of leather sandals used for school as well, etc. My parents paid cash for a new vehicle and would drive them til they fell apart. They just didn't get a new car or truck because they wanted something different.

I'm also realizing and learning things about myself. I like comfortable clothing but classic clothing as well. I like very long skirts, I like black, grey and green especially, I also like navy and good shades of deep red or maroon for tops. I like turtleneck shirts and sweaters, I figure if it's cold enough to wear long sleeves it's cold enough to cover up to my chin. Makes sense to me. : ) I also like several cardigans and a couple of blazers very much.

One big thing I've learned is my long black leather coat is being retired unless it's snowing or freezing out. I wore that monstrosity on datenight with hubby and I backed up to sit down at a restaurant and the coat is so huge it almost knocked my chair from under me! Not good! Bye-bye for a while black coat. I have two others that are a shorter length that will work just fine. : )

That's the wrap for tonight.

Sweet Dreams All...

Wed. 2.2.11 Okay, I'm ready for my dear friends at Purple Heart. I have 7 white bags, 2 black bags, 2 boxes, 1 green gimmie bag containing hubs roller skates, 2 boxes with an actor friend's costumes he used for drama given to our girls, and a box with antique dishes I found for a great deal once. Someone else may be delighted to get them. We're not using them, they are a little chipped and worn, someone may even like them for crafting etc. My old favorite flower arrangement, I don't use it anymore, it was used in our tree house style house, and looked wonderful on my white tile table back then. It's not right to keep it as it deteriorates, someone else will be blessed by it. One large navy suitcase that doesn't stand up on it's own. (Dds tell me, a problem at the airport) but it might serve someone else fine. My neighbor's were throwing the suitcase away because we know now it wouldn't stand up...I do think throwing it away was a bit harsh and wasteful myself. It's amazing what people throw away that could be given to charity.

People are so in a different sphere, I don't understand the waste. Declutter yes, but waste not. Drives me crazy, everyone is so quick-quick-quick. No one even talks to their neighbors anymore. Throw-away. Throw-away. Quick-quick-quick... What kind of a life is that? No heart I tell you... No heart.

Back to my give-away bags....In the bags are sweaters, porcelain dolls, Wilton character cake pans that aren't being used anymore, tupperware dip & chip not being used etc. Like new tupper-like containers we don't use with lids. A salad spinner I bought at a garage sale in '89, used several times, graduation party decor including two mini autograph doggies, never autographed etc. Dd25 took two huge stacks of books and an anniversary collector's covered edition of Gone with the Wind vhs to Half Price books. We netted $10.50. Some of the books were older but not old enough to be retro but in good condition. Dd25 was in the neighborhood so it works. When we are in the half price books neighborhood it is worth it, but otherwise, books will be donated.

I do get tickled with Dh at times... He said he might want to use the roller skates at the new house. We will have polished & stained concrete floors at the new house, (the loft-look) is a good way of phrasing it? : ) Perhaps skating rink-look might be more appropriate if Dh had his momentary whim? (The skates will be picked up tomorrow per Dh)

And don't ya know? Dh found the *poof*- "gone" floral arrangement in the garbage can outside...He tells me it can be hosed off and it might look kinda nice at the new house... And gee just when I was on a roll... Hmmm...And he tells me I'm the clutter-buggy like my grandma.... That guy.... ; ) He is a cute Italian that I can dress up though. JK! (And...the flower arrangement is on the patio table waiting to be hosed down per Dh) We sha'll see how it turns out. It might turn out nice! We sha'll see! : )

Bye for now dear ones!

1.3.11 Today Okie-dokie, all bags are on front porch per Dh. But there is one remaining bag, the bag with Dh's roller skates. Dh decided those roller skates are worth another year's try...I had to laugh, but not too hard because I know how it is. The roller skates had been hidden and we'll see if now that they have been re-discovered he will be able to enjoy them in the coming year. I hope so.

Listening to an old b/w retro Billy Graham sermon this morning. Have things changed, have things changed...We must keep our heads up high and hold the Light for the Lord and standards high, loving others but also warning. May the church be the church again and awake from it's social slumber; church people frolicking in the water as the tidal wave comes... How will the church reach others if they don't have time to be kind or even polite to one another? If the mailman is kinder and more thoughtful than most churched what does this show? It's certainly not an indictment unto our Father but to those who don't seem to understand or know the Father's Heart, simply by watching their actions. Said the sparrow to the robin?......

All is well here, we have the Lord and the luxury to speak with Him in a personal way at anytime about anything, some days are trying but our God is with us. May God be glorified. Amen.
Victory in Jesus, my Savior forever.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A True Home & a Word on Simplicity

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~A True Home~

"A roof to keep out the rain. Four walls to keep out the wind. Floor to keep out the cold. Yes, but home is more than that. It is the laugh of a baby, the song of a mother, the strength of a father. Warmth of loving hearts, light from happy eyes, kindness, loyalty, comradeship. Home is first school . . . for the young ones where they learn what is right, what is good, and what is kind. Where they go for comfort when they are hurt or sick. Where joy is shared and sorrow eased. Where fathers and mothers are respected and loved. Where children are wanted. Where the simplest food s good enough for kings because it is earned. Where money is not so important as loving-kindness. Where even the teakettle sings from happness. That is home."
~Ernestine Schumannn-Heink

Many of you know I am decluttering and trying prayerfully to simplify, there have been great days of joy & release, there have been disappointing days that the clutter seems to ooze back out at me much like the old film, the blob. All in all it is a journey I enjoy sharing with others as I also enjoy hearing of other's victories but all in all, I am finding like everything else it is all for an audience of One. : ) Each one of us has different areas of our lives and the key is to stay in tuned to the Holy Spirit and that Still Small Voice all the while receiving encouragement from one another as the Bible says. Encourage one another and lift each other up.

I recently came across this in a book I pick up to read from time to time...I hope you also enjoy this excerpt. I personally enjoyed it, especially remembering a civil debate I once had with a relative on fashion & modesty. They were telling me that their skirt length simply went with the fashions of the year, what "they" were wearing that year. I often wonder who "they" are? Why do we as a nation, and especially why do we as a Christian listen to "they" when we should listen to Him? : )

Consider your clothes. Most people have no need for more clothes. They buy more not because they need clothes, but because they want to keep up with the fashions. Hang the fashions. Buy only what you need. Wear your clothes until they are worn out. Stop trying to impress people with your clothes and impress them with your life. If you are able to, learn the joy of making clothes. Have clothes that are practical rather than ornamental...

~ Excerpt from 'Freedom of Simplicity' by Richard J. Foster

I think we all get the jest of what the author is saying here. He also later mentions that we should be sensitive to our children of course not wanting them to feel awkward and a spectacle of sorts, I think most of us feel that way too. As for me and our daughters? Our skirt lengths vary but they are all modest. I wear mine tea-length, that is what I love. My daughters wear theirs tea length and mid to below the knee. We like to have most of the knee, preferable all the knee covered when sitting.

One of my simple pleasures and freedoms is this pattern: Simplicity skirt pattern #4881.

A lady who works in a fabric department showed me this pattern, she grew up in a church where skirts only are worn. I really like this pattern. It's easy to add an inch or two if you want your skirt a tad longer. The pattern contains two pieces and I have found it to be very flattering, my daughters have made some fun prints in this as well.

Let me tell you a quick story of a contentment boo-boo. In other words, a confession.

A week or so ago, I saw these blue jeans skirts online, they were long and flowy, one had tiers, the other had topstitched seams and button-zipper front, pockets, and all that jazz. I knew in my heart the denim one I had made from my faithful pattern #4881 was fine. It is a flattering strong dark denim skirt. But my thoughts were:

"Oh but maybe those are better, more fancy, more stylish with all the lines and all"

Well, the skirts came in after I wasted probably close to an hour reading mixed reviews and such, all the while fighting the little thought of my nice new flattering homemade skirt in my closet. To make a long story short, the two skirts will be returned and I really appreciate my homemade denim skirt now.

We love pretty clothes at our house, and we like a little something new every now and then. But we also like practicality and freedom of a somewhat simple wardrobe...We are learning. I especially like the fact that when I need a color of skirt, I can go to my pattern and make a skirt in two hours. It is a blessing!

I will continue decluttering, please join me if you like, I love hearing of what you too are up to, and if you have special patterns you also love!

Today Dd25 and I (You can see our cast of characters in the previous entry) ...will be decluttering our laundry room & what we call the party closet, all of our dip trays and such. We'll be moving to our country house soon, so I need to get on the ball!

Have a sweet day, may we all pray for one another, and don't forget...Encouragement is most important in our walk with the Lord in this crazy world we are in....Encourage someone today. Use words if necessary. : )

"There are souls in this world which have the gift of finding joy everywhere and of leaving it behind them when they go." ~Frederick William Faber


P.S. I have reposted a powerful article I wrote last year for a dear friend of mine, entitled: Roe Verses Wade, What Has Become of Us? on: VisionForaGodlyHome

I'll try some declutter updates once again:

1.17.11 5:39PM A 30 yr. old orange tupperware canister & lid goes to Hubs to put his nails in. Threw out 2 aluminum water bottles. (We don't care for aluminum for health reasons). A tube of lipstick. Bag of hosiery I saved for tomato plants. A set of Christmas Nativity set cookie cutters. Doggie sweaters that don't fit doglets. Went through battery box & old sewing box from junior still has the leftover buttons from my pinafore top! Anyone remember those?

6:14PM A beautiful moon out tonight...The same moon that shines over me shines over you. God bless and be with you. Goodnight. Happy Trails to you til we meet again... ; )
1.19.11 1:34PM Oh my a beautiful day out... Listening to the airplanes overhead...Yesterday Mother was here, so no decluttering was done. Today Dd25 is hosting a girls Bible study, Dd28 will share today on trusting God & Dd25 will lead a craft, homemaking skill...Valentines cards will be made. Me? I am enjoying the quiet of my room. I've decluttered one tube of lipstick I no longer wear.

5:49PM Hawaiian Chicken in the oven, sure smells good. I have cyber decluttered today; went ahead and deleted some things in various cyber arenas & added nice folk. I appreciate nice people and it's the nice folks I choose to spend time with. It's nice to be nice and it's even nicer to be surrounded by the nicer of the nice folks!

Items weighing in the balance: This is a tough one. My step-Dad's trench coat. It's a beautiful silver-blue retro Christian Dior trench coat. I suspect it's from his days in New York. The color reminds me of his beautiful silver hair. Oh what a sweet silver haired humble Italian sculptor and grandpa was he. (I'm thinking no, this coat is staying with me) I'm not ready to release it. I may just wear it myself. I tried it on, and me wearing it is not that far off.

1.20.11 11:05AM This morning it's with a heavy heart that I'm thinking of Roe Vs. Wade. My dd28 is a counselor at a prolife clinic...Please pray as she urges mothers to give life to their little babies. I'm horrified at the state of our country and the church. The church seems so sadly silent for the mostpart. God bless those true Pastors who speak for the Unborn. Sanctitity of Life Sunday is Coming.

Please don't forget to see my article on one of my other blogs, it's not for me please understand, it's for the sweet unborn babies who deserve life. I write this with tears as I know that I know the critical state of the world we are living in...
I myself am so very remorseful and repentant for mistakes even in attitudes perhaps I have had in the past.

Wednesday 1.26.11 It's going to be a busy one today...Resaling expedition with Dds. Today's mission will be to not buy anything to clutter with. Yesterday was spent packing my formal dining room with my mom for our move. My mom amazes me, at almost 81 she is such a strong woman and get's things done. A huge help. She cracked me up, she found a candy dish from Bavaria that had been broken, a gift from Aunt Angeline to my Grandma years ago. My mom who I've always considered even more of a clutter bunker than I even said..."This needs to be thrown away"... I'm such a case. ; )

I've been tossing bathroom drawer items, makeup that was saved for the future just in cases. I am thinking there was probably over ten tubes of almost used cream foundation I saved. Some of them had markings on them with finger nail polish of what is oldest etc. I laughed, and said, Bye-bye-bye! Also two like-new sweaters I put on for datenight and immediately took right back off. Bye-bye-bye. : )

Looking forward to a nice day celebrating life from the good Lord. Live the Life! Blessings!

5:09PM We had so much fun shopping at the neat resale shops...And I did good. I spent a total of 30 cents on a nice new mug with the Bill of Rights printed on it for Dh. I had tossed a chipped mug, a mug that reminded me of someone who did something not so nice to us. I didn't realize dh liked the mug because of the large size. Now he has a nice new large mug that we can all enjoy and even learn from. : )

Today 1.27.11 Oh my, it's been wash-wash-wash today. Cleaned under one side of my bed. Tossed two preaching tapes from years ago, not favorites. Washing bedding etc. Cleaned out a kitchen drawer. I sha'll sit myself down now and treat myself to a nice cup of coffee and read a Grace Livingston Hill book...I'm reading April Gold after seeing an excerpt on a sister's site...I think it's so nice the way Grace L Hill writes. This book was written in 1936. After my coffee-reading break I will do a simple comforting supper. Chicken with a mushroom sauce over brown rice...and a green veggie of some kind. Oh guess what?! My sweethearts at Purple Heart called. I love the people who work there...They are coming next week for a pick up!!!! They assured me they use everything for either the Vets or their families, toys etc. Anything else will be sold to a second hand store in a lot. He was horrified when I told him what the other organization did. I've used Purple Heart many times in the past and never have had any problem with them. So there's the wrap for today...Praying for our nation. I was out in the metro yesterday and you can feel the spiritual war. It's like never before. And I thought the burbs were bad? Oh wow. It took me a while to shake it off even today... I have never seen such a great falling away, and a rapid one at that. A falling away in people I never would have suspected... Frightening. We must abide in the Lord spending time with Him first and utmost. He must be very personal to us, if we know Him in a personal way we will be able to recognize the counterfeit.


Monday, January 10, 2011

The DeCluttering Party Continues!

I'll start with this cute song to get us going...I become rather daffy when decluttering and such, so I figure Betty Hutton will keep us going with this!

Betty Hutton: Bluebirds in My Belfry Enjoy!

Dear Blog Friends, The Declutter Party, "Simplify-Simplify" continues. I will be trying to keep regular updates continued from last week's blog entry of my declutter victories. I so want to simplify my life so I can concentrate on the people, beings & things I love.

You can read my micro-bio on the last entry, my parents and grandparents were both Depression Era. I too have trouble with hanging on to things, Hubs is self employed.

The purpose for these updates as I am able to post them is to encourage others who have the same battles with things. Many who are ruthless and some times wasteful thrower-awayers in this disposable society may poo-poo this blog series scratching their heads not understanding.

What can I say?

Many of us are merciful creative messies, some of us at times have or have had a lack of money, we've learned to be frugal by necessity, many of us though frugal are some of the most giving people around. Many of us do enjoy crafting and art, many of us keep stashes to re-sew and repair...We see beauty and a future in almost anything...thus it's hard to simply get rid of things.

Oh what a delightful nice world it would be if we were all creative merciful messies! The freeway systems would be a wreck but we would sure be having a wonderful time in our creative, caring bliss. ; )

The Party Continues! I will be posting from day to day here on this entry, hopefully at different times of the day any declutter victories accomplished. Stay tuned for laughs and confessions from a creative messy.

Characters in My Adventure Here in our Home:

Dh or Hubs: My dear husband or hubby.

Dd28: Our 28 year old daughter.

Dd25: Our 25 year old daughter:

Dd21: Our 21 year old daughter:

My Photo

Dd17: Our 17 year old daughter: My Photo

Doglets: Our four doggies: A black rolie-polie toy poodle; Esther. Our rescue dog, Charlie; he is a most handsome silver half terrior & half poodle. A darling miniature golden colored schitzu literally rescued from the streets; Muffie. And our sweet, robust, husky little schitzu; Guisseppi who has cataracts which I am treating naturally.

Kitty: Our beautiful black & white Victorian kitty, her name is Topsy, she loves the great outdoors no matter how we try to coax her inside.

The Party & Adventure Continues! Please feel free to come & join in! You are welcome to comment with your successes too! Quandries are always welcome, you are in good company here. : )

Monday 1.10.11 10:56AM The top o' the mornin' to ya! Woke up this morning, as I was stepping out of bed into my house shoes a sentimental dried pink rose bouqet hanging upside down so Victorian-ish from my bookcase fell on my head. I laughed & told hubs, one more thing to declutter! I'm getting ready to go through my Christmas gift boxes now. Many are very mismatched and getting older. I bought 6 new packs nicely sealed up on clearance at Hobby Lobby so that gives me some leverage on that. Also, starting to clean some cold drawers in fridge....

5:21PM I went through the gift boxes, weeded out all those with creases & stains, mis-matched lids, it took a little while to do so too! I laughed...One lid had a department store name that has been out of business for years, oh my! I also went through all Christmas bows throwing out the wilted looking ones and reboxed the nice shaped ones in a fresh box. Went through tags as well, throwing out old unsticky ones. I finished cleaning one cold drawer from the fridge. I finally went into my closet and seized that pair of evening shoes...Boy was I surprised when I opened the box & found the pair in the box was another like-new pair I had forgotten that Dd25 had given to me! Another box revealed yet another like-new black evening pair I had forgotten about. Finally I opened the box with the remembered and long time favorite but now too high pair. All went to donations. All too high to wear, and someone else will love them. Dd25 is cooking a neat chicken recipe with turkey bacon accents and it sure smells wonderful! Kitty is inside with the doglets tonight, Dd21 somehow gained her trust and brought her inside out of the cold...

7:39PM Stay warm friends, and to all a good night. (Paul Harvey tone)
"Nightie-night" (as Shirley Temple said in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms).

Tuesday 1.11.11 10:24AM Good Morning Everyone! My mom is here to visit today, but I'll declutter as I am able. I did get a headstart last night, I went ahead & threw out the dried pink roses that fell on my head yesterday morning. lol I also donated a nice dressy knit shirt my mil had handed down to me, the neckline wasn't flattering on me. I'll be back later hopefully with more declutter victories. : )

1:20PM So far...Several like-new devotionals & a stack of Daily Bread booklets my mother gave me to give to donations.

And...I have a story from my mother as she is here visiting today. She is a youthful almost 81 years old. (She really is!) You would not know she is 81 if you were to see her. She tells that she & her brother would take the bus from the little town to the city and that is where they would shop for clothes & larger grocery store purchases where they actually had real fresh french bread! Til this day, french bread is a comfort food for my mother & uncle. The ride would take over an hour. She said for years she owned 1 nice black skirt and several pretty blouses and she was fine. It was only until she worked in a downtown bank as a single young lady that she added a couple more skirts etc. How's that for practicality? : )

3:43PM Wow. Am I tired out...Tried on. Donated around 15 long sleeve tshirt tops, turtlenecks...I had two red turtlenecks and two cream colored turtlenecks. Don't need two, kept one of the better fit of each. I donated a new Christmas turtleneck, the color was a little dull for my complexion, although it has cute snowmen on it... I know, I know, me and my snowmen.... I also donated a really cute tunic top that I MADE just last summer. The sleeves fit a bit snug, and when I tried it on for girls,

Dd17 & Dd25...They shook their heads... "It's not that flattering"....

Dd25: "Someone will be very blessed to get that hand sewn top, I know I have been blessed to find a handmade top in the past"

Yes, she is so right. It will be a treasure for someone who is looking for that type of blouse. New frame & angel Christmas stocking Dd17 doesn't want. I threw out a snow glove. It's been hanging around here for several years since one of our Dds Christmas parties. It was a pair a young man had left on the hayride. As we have waited several years to return them, one glove would go awol and vise versa. Well, that young man is married now and who knows where, so out goes the glove(s). The end. For now. : )

Yesterday 1.12.11 9:42AM Good Morning! It's time to rise and shine!

Yesterday I finally took *The* Jewel tone, blue-green velvet blazer out of my closet to examine closely and retrieve opinions. Dd17: "No, it looks dated Mom." Dd25: "Maybe with a vintage pin?"

Well folks I'm learning I have a mirror in the house way back in our hobby room...That mirror is a ruthless critic, yes, when in doubt go to the big antique armoir mirror. Believe me...If it looks good in that mirror it's a keeper. The blazer did not look good in that mirror. Out to bless someone else who will look good in it.

I'm donating any tops, new or not with unflattering necklines or any colors that wash me out. Several tops with nice necklines & colors had been crowded out by excess, now I can see & enjoy wearing those.

Out went a brand new pair of pretty black bow dress flats. A couple of months ago I was wearing them carrying a laundry basket on hardwood floors and fell plumb across the room! (embarrassing) Yesterday eve I put them on for datenight with black tights and skirt, walked around in our room a bit. No. The shoes are made narrow, even the low heel is narrowed...I could just see myself twisting my ankle on wet pavement. Out-out-out. Glad I got them on clearance, not too huge of a loss. (rinkled nose)

I told Hubs yesterday, it seems the more I declutter, the more that oozes out! It's like the Blob! It was a bit discouraging but I will press on. It would probably also be a good idea to tidy up for 15 minutes in my room today too.

The Donatons people are coming by to pick up our huge pile of bags tomorrow, but wait there will be more! Be back later with more updating...I see Dd25 has commented too on her decluttering process.

1:02PM Weeding out sweaters today, it's amazing what a couple of years make in the way things look to us. Also a couple of blouses that were bad purchases last summer. The material turned out to be itchy, they both should have gone back for a return but I didn't do it, I kept thinking I would soften them up in the wash, they never softened. I had a black & a white. The white was never worn. One last pair of clogs that are new, I thought for sure these would be okay, no....they seemed to hurt my back today, my back has been aching lately anyhow. The clogs will go to dd25 if she wants them. ...I need to be thinking of supper, the famous question has already popped up: "What's for supper?" : ) I'm watching the most darling old 40s movie; I'm going to treat myself to a nice sandwich now and peruse my cookbook for a nice winter supper, perhaps a soup?

4:16PM Oh me oh my. I feel a bit discouraged. I'm tired and drinking some coffee, my back is giving me problems today. I did sneak a short nap in. Some of my drawers are still filled but I have emptied boxes and I have loaded up more than several bags in the past week so why should I feel discouraged? My dd25 & dd28 just said they don't understand how mom has so much stuff when I go shopping less than anyone...I know how. It's because I hang onto everything longer than anybody. I'm getting better though. Dd28 reminds me.... I am making progress...that is what to remember instead of seeing the glass half empty...Oh and did I tell you I just turned 50? That just should not be...I was 19 just yesterday...

6:01PM It's dark now. Dd25 has some good looking chicken stew cooking. I told Dd28 earlier I was thinking of soup for sup and she jokingly asked:

"Is that a threat?" LOL

Dd25 helped me quickly organize some clothes and that was a huge help. I donated my pink fleece Minnie Mouse Christmas shirt. I was told it was a bit frumpy, it was one of my favorites but if it's too baggy on me etc. then maybe someone else should have it. Dd25 good naturedly warned...

"Now don't get emo on me..." (I was sadly telling the shirt goodbye)

The rest will have to wait til the next pick up, we can't make a U-turn with the Queen Mary right? We'll finish bagging our offerings up in the morning for tomorrow's pickup...And then restart the process...Thanks for dropping by friends. Feel free to leave comments of encouragement or your declutter quandries & victories. Sweet dreams! Good night! : )

Thursday. 1.13.11 10:30AM Alrighty! Good Morning! Our family has aproximately 13 kitchen size bags, 1 black bag, several boxes and a lamp on the front porch waiting for the donation pickup to come pick them up. Yay!!!

Hubs even got into the act and donated a couple of robes, shirts, a couple of winter jackets etc. One robe, I had made him years ago. He asked what I thought....I told him please donate it if he doesn't wear it. : ) It's a nice heavy one and someone else could really enjoy that robe this winter. The robe was appreciated for 30 years and if it's not being used it's a shame for it to sit. Dd21 donated a huge beanie baby collection, she had thought about selling it on ebay but with shipping & describing all of it, it may save her nerves and do her heart good to bless some children with the little guys. I threw in a lime green summer knit shirt, just not flattering and a white undershirt that is always passed up, since it really doesn't cover the way it should. So voila! The journey doesn't stop nor the party. We shall see what we shall see today. Stay tuned. Possible updates! : )

11.52AM The organization picked it all up is the good news. : ) The bad news is one of the men they had working for them THREW my lamp into the truck and a few of the boxes with breakables in them football style! I didn't mind the bags being slung in the truck but a lamp? A box of nice breakables, things like a nice waterglobe? I was so upset I went out the door and yelled at the one man who was doing that to PLEASE be careful with my donations! The one African American man who was near the door was so sweet, he had accidently dropped a box and bless his heart, he was apologizing, and I totally understood that, and I told him so. The other man, the "rough thrower" scurried around the truck where he thought I couldn't see him. I called and reported the "rough thrower". My goodness. Disturbing.

3:16PM Had a nice leisurely lunch of Tomato-Basil soup with a cheese pita....oh it was delightful and I shared my little feast with doglets while watching Dd21 model her clothes as I helped her decide what to give or keep. Not much decluttering today for myself though after that morning pick-up. Did some light blogging on my other blogs.
Washing clothes is in order today and then for dinner... Thawing chicken breast seems to be the "next thing" as Elizabeth Elliot used to reiterate... "Just do the thing next". I will.

6:41Pm And a good evening to all, it's so nice to have donated all those bags of things we don't need any longer so we can see what we have. Watching me running out of the house yelling to that one reckless pickup guy to please stop throwing breakables like a football, and lecturing him on how I was giving nice things with a good conscience to this organization was epic. I'm not normally a person who bolts out the door to lecture or even talk with anyone. Trust me, I speak publicly with my family once a year, and that is huge for me. God is so good, He always gives me the words to speak. He. Is. Faithful.

Next time I will either call another organization or bring breakables to a Goodwill window. Surprisingly enough I've already run across a scarf to give on the next round. Thank you to my dear daughters for your encouragements and participating too, it makes it more fun, and we had some really good fashion shows too didn't we? LOL Thank you Carmen for the shout out, I really appreciate that Carmen, and I appreciate your appreciation. Thanks to Mary & Maxine for commenting even though you didn't feel that urge to declutter. (yet) : ) And a thank you to Melissa for sharing that wowee testimony of a grand drop-off. Thanks also for Ms. B's encouragement and thoughts...So good to hear from you! And of course Ariadone, thanks for the sweet New Year's Wishes!

We'll see what tomorrow holds! God is good! This blog has been a hilarious help. If you haven't joined in, you sure are missing out on a lot of fun!

Good Night. : )

Friday 1.14.11 2:31PM Don't mind me...Just puttering today. Nothing like a puttery day, yes indeedie. I'm studying some minimalist blogs picking some good ideas out of them. Thinking about supper, getting ready to take inventory of what I can artfully put together from the pantry so no one will have to make a trip to the grocery. I did go through a drawer quickly this morning and pulled things out that don't go there, threw away things that obviously needed to go and ya know? It didn't take but a few minutes!

7:40PM I also decluttered today by ignoring two email requests to save even more in my shopping cart. I already ordered what I needed last week; I don't need anymore. Am sending two denim skirts back to another company. Just not flattering. I knew in my heart that my homemade one was plenty sufficient & flattering to boot. I now so appreciate my homemade denim skirt. Good night to all! I. Am. Tired. Blessings!

Friday 1.15.11 5:16PM Such a sweet day, went out to the country to check on things at our house we're building as a family...Oh it felt so wonderful to walk on the earth...see and hear the birds, see a few people's homes who haven't bothered taking their Christmas decor down...*happy sigh* Peace.

I decluttered in one way today by ignoring the Walmart clearance racks. I didn't set foot into Academy, just sent dd21 in to find snow pants. Period. I did enjoy an awfully good Beefy burrito at Taco Bell. Delightful my friends and totally junkworthy. ; )

The things that are still in the balance is my beloved snowman cookie jar, I'm thinking he needs to come with me to the new house. : ) AND I am SO glad I did not donate him to that last organization...Can you imagine what I would have done to that reckless, mean-thrower-worker if he would have thrown my snowman?! Oh man oh man...He would have been minced meat indeed. Never underestimate the wrath of Mama Mia. ; )
Watching an old early 60s Lawrence Welk with our 4 Dds, it is so entertaining! Covers mouth giggling...Drinking a nice cup of French-pressed coffee. Dd28 making stuffed bell pepper casserole...Very nice indeed. I think I'm in a resting mode, kind of like kneading bread, you knead it and let it rest. Goodnight. : )

Today. Sunday 1.16.11 6:21PM A most delightful Lord's day...Visited one of our most favorite churches, thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship today. The pastor warned of combative divisions some people cause with wanting to fight & debate doctrine. Refreshing. So refreshing. Jesus anyone? : )

No decluttering today except clearing my mind. Dd25 is making a quick homemade Tortilla Soup. Dd25 & I are previewing a new dvd I treated myself to: Tea With Michelle Duggar How do ya like them apples for a delightful Sunday eve? Goodnight Everyone.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hey You Guys & Gals! A De-Clutter Party!

Hi-de-ho Everyone! It's time for a party! What kind of party? A De-Clutter Party!
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I just turned 50 and I'm ready to turn over some new leaves in life. One of the most huge is to simplify, simplify, simplify!

I'm a merciful artist with a hint of prophet and this tendency translates, hanging on to things but feeling crummy about doing so, not really displaying the things properly or using them. I am also married to a self employed Realtor broker-George Bailey in Smalltown America. Hubs isn't a high pressure salesman but a man who enjoys people and working with them...

Just remember this, Mr. Potter, that this rabble you're talking about... they do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community. Well, is it too much to have them work and pay and live and die in a couple of decent rooms and a bath?
~Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey from It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

All the while I desire simplicity and always have but I have a bit of a Depression era mentality, my parents and grandparents were Depression Era. Living in a Realtor home is much like living in a farmer's home, some years have good crop and some years have bad. I tend to keep a lot in store just in case...Plus I'm just not good about decluttering. Period. But that is going to change. Yes indeedie.

My wardrobe for winter usually consists of black tights, black skirts, wide black belt, black workout pants and my black turtleneck, maybe red, grey or green. Black blazer and cardigan. I hear CoCo Chanel usually wore black, very simple. Do ya think CoCo Chanel cleaned house with black workout pants perhaps with her pearls? lol Who knows, (I sure like CoCo Chanel Mademoiselle perfume though!) I'm not to a minimalist wardrobe yet, but I'm almost willing to bet I could pare down to these things alone for winter.

Anyhow, the name of the game here is Simplify-Simplify!

I've been scouring & perusing minimalists blogs & books and I am really on my way finally. I'm finally getting that perhaps I am missing out on life because of stuff. I'm not materialistic. Some of my favorite things are old and sentimental things not new name brand matchie-matchie poo-poo stuff. About the only name brand I like much is Chanel perfume, and throw in a few Avons too. And I know Amana makes good refrigerators. ; ) (I don't even have an Amana but I know they are good!)

For those just now arriving for the party, my Declutter-Simplify-Simplify game with day to day, morning, afternoon & evening finds are below my micro-bio. Enjoy & join the freeing fun!

My Micro-Bio:

I am half Italian and half German; both my parents came from hard working down to earth families from a small waterfront town...

The German side, my father's side; valued books, education and good music. My uncle went to Rice majoring in Drama if that tells you anything. My father did some drama and is a wood artist, speaker, writer, restaurant owner, one time city counselman, you name it, a major entrepreneur and smalltown dinosaur.

The Italian side, my mother's side, my small town Italian grandparents valued; family, food, good health and sweet laughter. My Italian uncle majored in Animal Husbandry to be a vet. My mother went to art school. She used to make some neat paper dolls with me and oh so lovely ballerina costumes...She managed to keep a neatie home too in an old 30s built house with hardly any closets.

Neither family cared one iota about the kind of car they drove, the size of home they lived in or the size of diamonds on their fingers. Thank the Lord they didn't.

Amazingly, all of these young people, both uncles, my father, my mother all returned to the small waterfront town...There was nothing like it at the time. My uncle told my mother he dreams about it sometimes...Both grandparents had waterfront businesses.

My Italian grandfather was an opera singer in New York in the early 1900s as a very young single, he was actually discovered when he was singing hanging clothes outside his city apartment. He was eventually called home to another state by his mother when she arrived in America from Bisaquino Sicily. He always loved the water and became a professional fisherman and shrimper and owned a fishing camp.

I think he was the Great Caruso of the Bay, a quiet sweet soul...But when he spoke he spoke and when he laughed he laughed and when he sang boy could he sing. When we had family get-togethers there was good food and laughing in their simple home.

Sometimes I think my love for animals came from my uncle and perhaps my dad too....Daddy loved our dogs something fierce, in fact our dog's Christmas card to the pound actually made it to 60 Minutes!

My dad rescued our dog from the pound after the new dog catcher captured her one day. In the small waterfront town you just didn't capture my dad's dog, Minnie Pearl. No sirrie bobbie. Let's just say the rescue involved my dad's pickup truck and a pull chain. ; )

Did I ever tell you that my dad was also a creative welder? I remember finding him in the mall bookstore; that was he and Mother's meeting place after an eve of shopping. He was there in his cardigan, pipe in pocket studying a book on a Civil War era canon. He made the canon to scale and he would shoot things out of it over the bay from his gas station for boats...Oh the stories I could tell...And did you know he also flew airplanes for a hobby? Oh it goes on and on.. Maybe more stories to come. I have them from the Missile Crisis, just all over the board. Amazing stories.

Okay, that's my partial eclectic background story...You can't really put me in a box when it comes to stereotypes you see. Just ask my hubby. With a smile, he'll tell you, you can't put me in a box, except when it comes to loving God and my family. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Love God and hate sin. : )

Now.....About that party.

I'm going to post things here on this entry that I am donating to charity or throwing away if unfit for charity.

I thought it might inspire me and others to de-clutter and simplify.
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One-Two-Three and Away We Go!

I will now commence to this game of Simplify-Simplify!
You too can comment here and let us know what you are de-cluttering if you like! We can encourage one another!

My List & Quandries:

This past weekend:
*All the decorative doodle-dandies from under my guest bathroom vanity....Christmas, Valentines, Easter figurines. Several fragrance lotions well over a year or two old.
*All Christmas ornaments deemed "ugly" by my girls unless they are antique or sentimental. Any ornament or anything that has "To: Mommy" or "I love Mommy" will not be given away no matter what dear daughters (dds) say.
*A blazer with a collar that looks like wings. A pink fuzzy robe from '93 when my last baby was born. A green terry cotton robe. Three dressy tshirts that don't fit that great.
*A set of Beatrix Potter paperback books.
*A hardback of "A Child's Garden of Verses"
*Several platters, plastic and stoneware forgot I even had.
*Three pair of nice leather clogs, since my back injury the clogs cause more back pain. Go figure.
*Two jumpers, one black, one seer-sucker...My girls shook their heads when I tried them on and murmured frumpy-frumpy. I did keep a cute one with button straps, yes I did. It will be nice with sandals in warm weather. I still love it.
*Tossed 2 chipped mugs, they were pretty but chipped.

1.4.11 A Christina Rossetti book, featuring "Goblin Market" (Who wants to read about morbid goblins?) Plus the book doesn't even have, 'What Shall I Give Him" or "Who Has Seen the Wind"

1.5.11 So far...3 plastic containers from my master bath cabinet never re-used. I also donated 4 little chef-men pairs who held 2 of the white pillar candles. I don't use them any longer for decor and the poor dears were sitting all alone in the dark living room cabinet. Someone else will be blessed by them. Stay tuned...Dear Daughters?

1.6.11 AM *Another pair of clogs; used to be touted for comfort but after putting these on for only minutes realized even these are no longer that great for my back. *Two bars of perfumed Red Door soaps still in cellophane. *Pair of navy hosiery, hubs can use them to strain paint. *Undergarments that are not comfortable...Hopefully adding more throughout the day! Stay tuned... PM: *An angel frame I've saved for years to use, still in box. *A knit top, too short. *My dds decluttered a boxed set of Resurrection eggs, that will be a definite blessing to a young family. *We shall see what we shall see for tomorrow...Trying on a few things.

1.7.11 AM *Oh yay, happy day, happy day, I'm doing good today. I donated my soft lined capri workout pants. The way I see it on lined capris is...If it's cold enough to wear lined pants they need to be long ones! : ) I also donated a nearly new black velour pair of lounge pants, the velour is not that flattering and they weren't as comfie as lounge pants should be...On with my decluttering...Okie-Dokie it's officially 1:30ish PM. I'm sipping on Duncan's Donuts Christmas Mint coffee I snagged for 70 cents clearance. Yes indeedie, made it double strength in my French-press, no weinie coffee here. ; ) Decluttering so far: Many white fitted tshirts, I just don't look that great in stark white or round necklines. Pink winter p.j.s. I had forgotten I had. Getting ready to give many like-new Christmas Target-Christmas long sleeve tshirts away, I'm just not wearing them at Christmas time like I should be. Someone else will love them. I may keep one favorite and probably be able to wear it since it's not hidden in clutter. A Christmas mug with a ceramic snowman standing in the cup. Cute but no one uses it, the snowman is a hindrance of sorts. I must tell you that one main way I've decluttered is to NOT buy anything that is not in my favorite family of colors. Also passed on a pair of shoes, 20% off w/free ship. Did I need them? No. I also passed on a pretty floral brown toned skirt, no. I don't need to have to hunt for a brown shirt to go with it, plus I do much, much better in blacks & greens etc. On with decluttering...3:45ish PJs not being worn, if they are not really loose, super comfortable around the waist, donate. Gave some cute Old Navy striped cotton ones, they aren't knit, I always go for cotton knits first, the others make me feel bound up when I sleep. I figure gee whiz, sleep comfortable for pete's sake. : )

1.8.11 AM *Good Morning Folks!* So far I've decluttered by NOT buying a blouse. It's a spring/summer weight blouse but it wasn't on sale, but was tempting w/99 cent shipping.

I said to self:

"Now self, you do not need that now. The online store will store it for you, it is a regular item there. There will be free shipping in the future, hold tight"

I'm eyeballing decorative baskets up in my laundry room, decorative baskets that probably aren't deep enough to really do neat things like berry picking etc. Also a red plastic booster seat for tots. Canopy bed netting my dd21 has stored may be going if she doesn't have plans for it...Okay, now to warm my coffee up...see you back here later with more declutter victory. : )

Alrightie...the net canopies are up in dd17s room for her to decide. I've donated 6 skirts. Several are nice skirts but not that super-long tea-length that I so love. One of them is a dressy silver-grey taffeta, it's neat, it crinkles & swishes, but it's not my length, and wore only once for a dressy occasion. Out it goes to bless someone praying for a dressy skirt. One hawaiian looking jumper sleeveless type of gauzie dress. Dd16 looked at it and giggled, "Oh Mom...I can't believe you are even considering that... One skirt still has tags on it, it was a gift from my girls 2 yrs ago, it's just not long enough to wear bare legged, and it's strictly spring/summer. I hate to give it, but out it goes for someone else. I should have taken it back but was going to try to make it work. Shucks.

2:34 Oh goodness shazzam... I have definitely done damage to the clutter world here, at least in my closet: 2 pair of hawaiian capris, (won't go in to dd17's reaction LOL) white capris. Lavender long formal satin straight skirt, long formal black velvet straight skirt, they just don't look that great on. Black velvet tunic jacket and straight dress. Dress doesn't fit right and tunic jacket doesn't have a waist, ya know, why do I want to wear a jacket with no waist when I have a waist? Pink & black suit jacket I used to love but it looks huge for me these days, just dated for some reason. Longer green skirt that looks like a Buick on. Polka dot skirt, that I loved; hubs gave it to me with an aqua cardigan set, it's all going, haven't worn it in a while, skirt's too short for my now lower heels. Black velvet dress too short to wear with lower heels. Several and any other sweaters with shorter sleeves if they make my arms look weird. That's the wrap for now...Wowza.

6:59 PM
Supper's being tweaked: & I'm tuckered out. A pink sweater several years old with satin collar never was worn this winter or last...I think it will bless someone else. And to all a sweet sleep & peaceful night.

Here's a lullaby and prayer for you on my other site, VisionForaGodlyHome. Amen.

Today. 1.9.11 Sunday AM:
Good Morning this fine day in the Lord! Will be starting homechurch in the hour, so no decluttering at this time, but the Lord has alerted me to some things I need to pull out of my closet. So later I will be checking in with my finds. So proud of Dd17:

My Photo

...Yesterday I heard clinks, clanks & rumples, not to mention a few boom-boom-booms. Dd17 decluttered her room in less than 30 minutes. There is a glorious pile of stuff on the back porch ready to be donated, outgrown but nice books, purses, decor including a hilarious pile of netting and material from a retired vanity skirt.

3:13 PM Back from a drizzly, cold outing to a quick lunch with hubs & girls. Naptime now but will soon be doing a light declutter item or two. ; ) Evening high-heels look-out....

5:15 PM Haven't quite dove into my closet for those heels yet, it's Sunday and I'm sipping on some hazelnut coffee and eating hot banana bread Dd25 made...Enjoying beautiful music with Dd25 & Dd17: "Radio Ballet" by Eluvium on Pandora. Pandora is a great way to declutter and not buy an excessive amount of cds. Try it. Pandora. ...Be back hopefully with some heels in hand.

5:55 PM Just went in to seize those heels. They are in a shoebox under several other boxes. It's Sunday so it will wait, I like to keep things restful on Sundays & God centered. Yesterday there were a pair of pj bottoms in nice shape that will make it to donations since dds don't need them. Also, yesterday I had found yet another white cap sleeve top! Oh my goodness, did I think there was going to be a prohibition on white tshirt tops? *smiling shaking head* Well it's late now, supper time is upon us. I think I will keep it simple and warm Progresso Tomato Basil soup with some Pita bread sandwiches of some sort. The Greek grocery store has the best fresh pitas ever...They roll down a conveyer belt from an uppper story bakery!

I'm also placing all friendship hurts, usuries & disappointments at the Father's feet we have experienced this year. Yes, we need to declutter those things too from our minds, and ask God to help us do so. God is Just, He is very capable of taking care of those who despitefully use us. We can hop on the Father's lap and tell Him all about it...

To all a good night. Sweet sleep to all. Check out the beautiful lullaby on my

Jesus is Life, He loves you and me. ~Amelia

Things weighing in the balance:
*Snowman cookie jar, a bit chipped, slghtly cracked...Aren't we all? lol Maybe I can use it at our new house in the country? I love snowmen...He is so loveable...But he is seasonal...Help meh somebodehhhh...I think I love the little guy.
*A stoneware gravy dish & saucer. Dds think it's uggy. I think it's practical because the only other one I have is my china one. But how often do we use a gravy dish? Maybe we could use it now that we know where the blasted thing is?
*One white pillar candle perhaps as a storm candle.

Come on back now and see what I've added and decided. Let me know of some of your decluttered items and quandries too! I hope to keep a running total of things here. Let's encourage one another and lift each other up! Amen. : )

Blessings to All! ~Amelia