Saturday, September 22, 2012

So Darling! Love the Words. No Fuddy - Duddies Allowed. ; )

I Haven't Time to be a Millionaire

I think this song is so darling, this is Bing Crosby and Deanna Durbin I believe...The words are so meaningful to me.

 I listen to this very same song by a very young Frank Sinatra and Tommy Dorsey almost daily as I get ready for the day, it makes me smile and it's in keeping with my quest for a sweet simplicity not to mention that sweet, precious 40s theme. ....I just love the sweet message here.

Sweets for the sweet, no fuddy-duddies aloud.

I haven't time to be a millionaire...     

God's Contentment to All,   For an Audience of One....   ~Amelia

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I've Been Awarded! The Liebster Award from my Friend, Ann


My dear friend, Ann at Learning Late in Life awarded me with the Liebster award! Thank you dear Ann. My friend Ann is half Italian like me. In fact, I adore her Italian maiden name...I think it's plumb beautimous! I wish I could put it down but I'm not so sure she may want it over the worldwide web. ; )

These award things can be fun and will get us into the swing of some good blogging if we take advantage of them and you may just meet some other nice friends too!

Okay, here are 7 random things about me:

1. I think deeply. I see things in artistic ways, shapes, the way the light shines, an expression of someone, a feel in a room...Just ask my husband, he'll tell you about my happy sighs and musings as we drive through the country side or take walks together...even nudges I feel.

2. This morning I was thinking that I could be a female version of Will Rogers. I'm not near as witty or quick thinking as he was but my thoughts are similar and the way I spit them out at times too. ; )

3. I enjoy solitude at times. Today I'm so enjoying the birds singing and God's still small Voice. The girls are away at jobs and nursing home. I'm on the tail end of getting well so I decided to bite the bullet and stay home, it's nice being quiet.

4. I love living in the country. There is nothing like walking outside in the morning in your robe with a hot cup of coffee...plopping yourself down on the porch to talk to the good Lord. Cows in the distance, perhaps a horse neighing from another homestead nearby...

5. I grew up in an old town on the bay, both my mom and dad were old families from the town. One Italian family business next to the German business. I grew up very practically and matter of fact as far as material goods and what was necessary in life even though I'm an only child. I remember the first time I saw my Italian cousins closet she shared with her sisters and the huge mounds of shoes I was appalled! In our family, you used it up and wore it out first before buying another. We paid cash for our new car or truck and drove them til they fell apart. Neither my parents or grandparents gave a hoot about appearances. Our sweet older 30s home was paid for and my dad would roll his eyes at the new suburbs popping up. Now I know just what he was rolling those eyes about.

6. I love to sew and create my own clothes. I'm not a master seamstress by any means. I sew simple and use accessories such as belts, patterned hose, a ribbon holding a pony tail to spruce things up.

7. I love to keep our home in a sweet atmosphere, an old fashioned 40s atmosphere. Why not? The culture doesn't own me. ; ) My world consists of old screwback earrings, black and white 40s movies and music and the works. Hubs calls me his 40s glamor girl. : ) But at the same time as much as I am frail at times.... I also love putting on rubber boots and going on a country walk, getting my hands in the earth feels good at times. No manicures here! : )..Speaking of, my hands remind me of my Italian grandma's hands when she cooked. When I cook, chop etc. I so see my Grandma's mannerisms in myself.

8. (One to grow on) I really enjoy beating the system. I sew with a Brothers sewing machine from Walmart, the bottom of the line. I adore my machine, I take care of it and it is nice to me, a blessing. I have the same theory on pretty shoes. I buy cheap and take care of them, I put insoles in them and I'm set to go. My favorite pair of Laura Petrie-style black flats were $5.00 regular price from Walmart. The shape and femininity of the shoe is adorable.

Here are Ann's questions!

1. What is your favorite flavor? Oh goodness...Chocolate?
2. Does anybody really know what time it is? No. In fact I think I'll get rid of my watch and go with life unabashedly.
3. What is the first thing that you do upon rising in the morning? Brush my teeth, hair, and clip it back, pour coffee give my four doglets a treat and go outside to pray.
4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Right here in my own backyard.
5. If you could do anything other than what you currently do, what would it be and why? I like just what I am and do. But if I really had to choose something else?...hmmm...perhaps a vet?
6. What is your favorite vegetable? Eggplant.
7. Just what makes that little old ant think he can move that rubber tree plant? Determination! : )

Okay folks, now for picking some bloggy friends who might enjoy this too...Hmmm...I've picked 7 on My Forest Cathedral blog and two sweethearts responded so far... Let's see if I can pick some more friends who would enjoy this. People sure are fuddy duddies now days aren't they??? : P

Let's see now.....*squinting eyes smiling* ...Let me find some lively ones... ; ) Keep in mind, it's supposed to be blogging friends who have less then 200 followers...

An Old Familiar Place


Beloved's Bride

The Man Who Would Be Knight

Miz Helen's Country Cottage

Poetic Capture

The Musings and Life of a Daughter of the King

Now for 7 - 11 questions for you all!

1. What's for supper at your house tonight?

2. Favorite time period?

3. What are your thoughts on the signs of the times lately?

4. Did you grow up rural, city? Do you live rural or city now?

5. How do you manage blogging time? Spontaneous or planned?

6. How do you witness to others? What comes naturally for you?

7. What are your surroundings at this moment?

Okay Folks! I hope you enjoy this little award/mixer of sorts... This can be fun! When you get the druthers try answering these questions and meeting other blogging friends! If you're not on this list participate anyhow if you want too...I tried to pick active bloggers.

The idea is:

You tell 7 -11 things about yourself

You ask 7 -11 things to 7 - 11 others.

You answer the awarders questions to you.

Make sense? I hope so. : )

Y'all have a wonderful day! God bless y'all! ~Amelia

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Guest Post at The Little Acre: 'Peace Adds, Busyness Takes Away'  

EDIT: 10.01.12  The below guest posts will be reposted here soon. The blog that the guest posts were on is unavailable at this time. Thanks everyone!

Hello Everyone! Long time no see? It's been such a busy summer of sorts. I just wanted to drop a line to sweet friends and those who I am privileged to have read and visit here to know I have a guest post series on my sweet friend, Amanda's blog, The Little Acre:

Peace Adds, Busyness Takes Away. Click here for Part I
Part II

Part III

I hope you are blessed and encouraged by the series, the Lord put it on my heart as I sat at my keyboard last week. I asked God what He would have me share? There are soooo many things on my heart these days in these perilous times we are in and the thoughts flowed.

Please be encouraged, in His Great Love, ~Amelia