Thursday, June 28, 2012

Destination Tokyo (1943) and a Glimpse of Yesteryear

I've been intrigued by this movie:

Destination Tokyo

Such a touching, sweet and enduring movie with plenty of WWII submarine thrill as well! The underwater scenes are fascinating and our boys were precious back then. You'll see.

One of the most precious parts as the movie opens is Cary Grant reading the sweetest letter to his sweet.

My mother says:
"Things were so different then, just so different" ...Yes they were and it breaks my heart.

Our family just loves these old 40s movies, it's our little world in the safe haven of our home. Why wouldn't everyone love these movies? They are so much sweeter than what we have now.

We choose to keep it sweet. K.I.S.S. You know me, it's a favorite acronym...It usually means... Keep it simple sweetie but in this case...Keep it SWEET sweetie!

Here is a clip from the movie, I hope you too enjoy it.

Robert Hutton the ill sailor and patient, a sweet southern guy in the above clip is especially a darling. I love his character, I really do. He was used in movies many times as they thought he resembled Jimmy Stewart who was away at war. Yes,many of our stars were really stars back then and had a healthy respect and love for our country.

The scene above later shifts to Hutton praying the Lord's prayer. So poignant and meaningful. People had respect for the things of the Lord then. We can now too.

The country as a whole had a healthy fear of God then.

Hutton suffered a broken back in an in-home fall and spent his last days in a nursing-care facility. He told an interviewer, "I lived a fantasy in Hollywood. I met and worked with so many people now considered legends. And then, just when I wondered why I was even alive, I broke my back, and the Lord opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me".

There is one disclaimer for me...There is a very tiny part; John Garfield holds up a women's nightgown as a Christmas gag gift and makes the remark he wishes it were filled. It 's not the end of the world, but at the same time if you have little boys or young people at all, you may want to fast forward that one teensy part.

A very interesting fact about this movie is that Tony Curtis saw this movie as he was away at war in WWII and it inspired him to become an actor.

I think you too may enjoy this WWII submarine thriller with plenty of sweetness sandwiched inbetween suspense.

I thought those who may be interested int his movie may also enjoy this neat retro shot of my mom and dad. This was taken in the early 50s when they were first married. It's a bit Italian and German! My mom is Italian and my dad is German. They are both Christians now in their later years. Both are 82 years old and still handsome people. Sweet people. Daddy used to write some salty editorials, did a little acting and public speaking as well as serving on city counsel, self employed in other businesses of his own ...and mother was a stay at home mom who had gone to art school at one time, just a cute waterfront couple who grew up together until my dad would be shipped away to military schcool as a little boy until they were reunited later upon his return. Always perfect sailing? No, but it doesn't matter. : ) They loved ballroom dancing... I still remember my mother's perfume and dangly ear rings, flowie full skirted polka dot dress, very pretty... as she would tip-toe in my Grandma's dark bedroom and pick me up from bed after their dancing lesson... Daddy always a handsome head turner too, he still says, I'm his sweetheart. : )


Take care now...Until the next time... Blessings to All! Please lift up our country in prayers in this critical time. May the church be the Church. ~Amelia