Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bluebirds in my Belfrey!

Notice how Ms. Hutton dedicates this then new-song to our brave men serving in WWII, she names specific flyers by name as well as mine sweepers and other servicemen.

Mrs. Hutton was known to entertain our soldiers overseas on two flatboard trailers parked side by side in the ruins of previously bombed areas.

Bluebirds In My Belfry
From the film And The Angels Sing

Performed by Betty Hutton

Words by Johnny Burke
Music by Jimmy Van Heusen
© 1944 Paramount Music Corp.

Do I look funny? Do I act strange?
I can feel a mysterious change

I saw the best psychiatrist uptown
He stroked his beard and he started to frown
He said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with you”
There wasn’t anything that he could do
Don’t want to knock you, Doc
But anyone here could see
Something’s wrong with me

I do weird things, I can’t help it
Bluebirds in my belfry
I turn cartwheels and I fumble
Bluebirds in my belfry

Call into radar contact
I think we’ll fly right through that cloud
Sometimes I draw a crowd
Too late to call a doctor

I start dancing without music
How’d I get poor etic?
I said “Darling” to a lamppost
Isn’t that pathetic?

Last night I tried to jump over the moon above
I’ve got bluebirds in my belfry
I mean I’m in love

I hear echoes, I hear echoes
Bluebirds in my belfry
I play leapfrog with my shadow
Bluebirds in my belfry

I don’t know why I imagine I’m loaded with dynamite
I’m probably wrong but who’s got a light?
Boom! Call out the fire department

I take sleigh rides across rooftops
Some dark night you’ll spot me
I walk backwards ‘cause I’m followed
Now my skin is crawling

I don’t know why I’m out to be Frankenstein’s protégé
I’ve got bluebirds in my belfry
And they won’t fly away
I say, “Hey! Fly away, fly away!”
But they stay and they sting every day
‘Till I’m crazy

I’ve got bluebirds in my belfry

Here's another....This is great... Bob Hope calls her, "A vitamin pill on legs!" I love this video, it has actual footage of our G.I.'s overseas listening to the radio in their barracks during WWII, and dancing as they are working! This is darling.

And here's a real cutie for you to enjoy... If this doesn't put a zip in your doo-dah nothing will!

Let your hair down and enjoy your week everyone....What have I done lately? Last week dear hubby and I were out on datenight at a local and very nice Target store after dinner....When dear hubby picked me up at the store exit door after loading our items? I came out of the store ballet dancing whirling and twirling complete with hands in perfect form above my head as I gracefully plopped myself into the car....All under the glow of the store lights in the darkness of night!

This activity is suggested only for longer ankle length skirts and ballet flat shoes....They aren't called ballet flats for nothing dahling... : ) I've come to find low heels and flats very liberating indeed!

I've received a report from another mom... She was in a crowded post office waiting to buy two stamps...behind her was a man waiting to have his envelope weighed...."Sweet Caroline" came playing over the speakers...She started to sing, they both started to sing...The song ended and they laughed, and this my friends started such a bond between them.... The man briefly left the room to have his envelope weighed by an employee. He came back in, quite a feat for a man on crutches....He had the two extra stamps for his new friend he did not need on his envelope....

These are the things life is truly made of...

Tracts anyone? I personally feel like Christ is such a precious treasure and would so like to share His love with others. One of my favorite tracts is entitled: "Have a Nice Day"....I buy them from the publisher, Rod and Staff Publications of Kentucky. 606-522-4348

Every single clerk I gave one to yesterday at the mall smiled and was so very grateful to receive that tract! Yesterday night we were at Fry's and I had slipped into the Fry's coffee I paid for my coffee, I smiled and gave the tired clerk the tract....She almost cried and clasped the tract to her chest telling me I was an angel and the tract was a confirmation to her... We hugged and it was a very special moment indeed....

A true gift from the Lord for the both of us. Take care all, enjoy life to the fullest, share Jesus from your heart....He is worthy to be shared, praised and adored! ~Amelia

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