Monday, November 28, 2011

New From Old, Ready Set Go!

Here we have a turtleneck from the 90s. I love green and I love turtlenecks in the fall and winter, they are somewhat a staple for me. I like to wear black turtlenecks in particular...great stuff with a scarf and ear rings. Dress'em up or down. I wear my black turtlenecks around the house or store with black workout pants, jean skirt, or nice jeans and I think to myself ...Surely CoCo Chanel did the same. ; ) Of course a black turtleneck over a black skirt with a wide belt can be the ticket for a glamorous date-night, no matter where we go, that combination works. Throw on black tights and black flats for crossing the busy streets like a ballerina gal and voila. You are gorgeous darling!

Okay. The turtleneck above from the 90s? We're going to do a little something with it to make it date-night or church-worthy. See the 90s cuffs? Off they will go to make the sleeves quarter sleeves, much more elegant. The baggy sides? I will try this shirt on inside out and pin the side seams for a nice even fits on the side, curving into the waist a bit. Not tight, we don't want to look like a hussy but a nice shapely fit that glides over the body - not pulls. Then we can sew it up along the pinned sides, even hand stitching will work. The bat-wing look under the arm, I may keep that, we sha'll see. I really don't want to go there with the over the shoulder seams so I'm thinking bat-wing (my description) sleeves as long as they are quartered and a slightly fitted waist might make a cute top, especially with a belt. : )

Another top idea for those older baggy button down blouses? See my blog entry here: Sew Fun

Including a great movie suggestion....

"The Doctor and the Girl" (1949), an excellent old 40s movies. Also you will see a great idea for a scarf holder you can easily make and yes, I'm still using mine, works wonderfully! Yes indeedie. : )

Another movie great for this time of year? "Meet John Doe" (1941). Excellent movie, a movie-great directed by Frank Capra. Beware of the Heelots! Frank Capra movies are some of my favorites, he came here from the same village in Sicily my grandpa immigrated from. Capra was a conservative Republican and it shows in his movies. We have found Frank Capra movies to be excellent wholesome choices.

For cute do-able ideas on transforming older clothes, may I suggest:
New From Old How to Transform and Customize Your Clothes by Jane Emerson
A fun book!

Don't forget for the Christmas holidays. Creative messies like us need her reminders.

Speaking of creative folks... (Has anyone seen Steve Jobs bookcase in his later years?) I loved the black and white shot of his most nonperfect bookcase as he strided across the room. I do believe he may have been a kindred spirit! Have you heard Steve Jobs thanked his birth mother for not aborting him?

Steve Jobs Was Glad He Didn’t Become a Victim of Abortion

Washington, DC | 11/25/11 12:49 PM

Steve Jobs Was Glad He Didn’t Become a Victim of Abortion

Everyday is a journal page what will we compose?

Live the Life. Jesus.

Love to All, ~Amelia

P.S. Stay tuned, if I'm a brave soul I may post results. Maybe. ; )

Friday, November 11, 2011

Easy-Breezy but Nice Dusting Powder for You to Make

This will make a great gift idea for family or friends!
loading ... ~Robert Stock

I'm trying very hard to keep Christmas simple but nice, simple but meaningful. Not shabby.

Just call me Donna Reed (Mary Bailey) and hubby George Bailey, there are days when I really feel like that. Our little Real Estate company in Oldtown is pretty close to the scenario in more ways than one to 'It's a Wonderful Life'. Even our building was built in the 40s. Allow me to enlighten those who don't realize that Realtors do not get paid one penny unless the sale closes. That means many a month that a Realtor makes nothing and often works their fanny off only to make nothing. Don't mean to sound neg-egg but it seems the more I talk with folks, and the more my Broker hubby and Realtor daughters talk to folks the more we realize people have no idea of this. I cringe when I hear people talk of Realtor's fees as if it's some evil something. Where else do you find a business person that acts as counselor, minister and confidant' as well as a legal assistant with paper work and contracts that would equal a pile of papers as thick as our heads? Enough said on that, but let's just say Real Estate keeps one humble and if you prayerfully find one that loves the Lord and is providing for a family, one who tithes to the Lord, count yourself blessed and pray for that person, support their business when possible. Take it from me, I see it all behind the scenes. Many a tear shed by my two oldest Realtor daughters. Many a fervent prayer and furrowed brow do I see on my prematurely silver haired Broker husband.

All that was brought up to say, I know my frugal stuff. : ) I never know which way the wind will blow so to speak just like...Mary Bailey. : )

Has anyone noticed how gift suggestion prices have gone up? I now hear amounts such as $10.00 mentioned in the modern burbs. It seems to me, $5.00 spent for a party gift or friendie gift is plenty. Some folks seem to speak of $10.00 like it's a dollar. It boggles the mind.

That's why I like living in Smalltown, people don't care what kind of car they drive, they don't care what kind of car you drive. You may see a sweet elderly person put a melon down because it's a bit too pricie for them, they'll smile sweetly saying,"Oh that's a little too much for me". People aren't so busy going from point A to B to say hello and ask how you are. And they really talk, they have time to talk and be friendly. I like that. I love that! Human beings live there. Common mankind. Think: The old movie, Meet John Doe. (1941) You can see it in entirety here too. Stay away from the Heelots. ; )

If you have a chance to live near a Smalltown, it is well worth it. There is a difference.

Here is one great and dandy economical but nice gift idea. Not only is this a great idea for others but for yourself too!

A long time ago when my oldest was in First Grade at a Christian school before I took the wonderful plunge to homeschool I carpooled with a sweet gal named Peggles. Peggles was married to a D.O. who worked the ER. A spazzy curly headed man who loved the Lord. Every now and then Peggles would let me know of a natural remedy for our baby or for my sore throat etc. I'll never forget one day she told me of a great alternative for baby powder for my baby Michelle. The answer? Cornstarch! Yes plain ol' cornstarch from the box.

Fast forward 20 years or so...

My then-Kindergartner will be 29 this weekend. I can't believe it...oh the wisdom I've learned since.

Since I knew Peggles back then, I've learned new things to do with cornstarch. Peggles, if you see this, give me a line, I often wonder where you ended up dear one.

You can either use the cornstarch plain for your baby or yourself or spruce it up for a gift with lavender oil or a spritz of your favorite perfume.

It's as easy as 1-2 - 3 !

You take plain ol' cornstarch, a box will be plenty. Yes, I know this pic is sideways, no one can accuse me of being a perfectionist. ; )

Then you take either essential oils, I personally think lavender is nice, make sure and do a safe one. You can also spritz the powder with your favorite perfume if you like that or just leave it plain if it's for you etc. How do you like my little bird? I love the little birds outside. They remind me so much of the Lord and how He watches over us. I love the birds, deer and my doglets and all Creatures Great and Small...Fur and feather angels.

loading ...~Robert Stock

Then we make it pretty. I happened it to have this lovely cardboard powder box from years ago from a dollar section. I use this for myself, it reminds me of a movie star's powder box. ; ) You could also use a nice crisp plastic bag with a cute bow for a casual gift. Just as long as it's cute...and thoughtful.

And there you have it, a nice useful pretty gift for someone special. : )
This is linked to Life as Mom, Frugal Friday.

And that's pretty much it, I hope everyone's having a nice week. I have a wowee sermon on one of my other blogs, Vision for a Godly Home.

I also have some cute cloth bags I whipped up for a Crisis Pregnancy prolife clinic on My Forest Cathedral blog .

Have a sweet week, K.I.S.S. Keep it simple sweetie! Keep it thoughtful. Remember, people may not remember what you say but they will remember how you make them feel.

I've had fun this week giving the tract out, "Have a Nice Day" from Rod & Staff publishers. They have been well received by many store clerks with a huge thank you! and a smile everytime. People are waiting for US, the Christ-bearers to bring the good cheer, tidings and wonders of Joy. Do we really believe in the Hope that is within us? I hope so! Let's share it. : )

Love in Christ Jesus my Lord, xxxooo ~Amelia

P.S. Happy Veteran's Day Daddy. And to ALL our Veterans! Thank you for your protection and GOD bless America.

Listening to: A Charlie Brown Christmas, sweet peaceful, joyful jazzy instrumental for this most wonderful Autumn day.