Monday, November 28, 2011

New From Old, Ready Set Go!

Here we have a turtleneck from the 90s. I love green and I love turtlenecks in the fall and winter, they are somewhat a staple for me. I like to wear black turtlenecks in particular...great stuff with a scarf and ear rings. Dress'em up or down. I wear my black turtlenecks around the house or store with black workout pants, jean skirt, or nice jeans and I think to myself ...Surely CoCo Chanel did the same. ; ) Of course a black turtleneck over a black skirt with a wide belt can be the ticket for a glamorous date-night, no matter where we go, that combination works. Throw on black tights and black flats for crossing the busy streets like a ballerina gal and voila. You are gorgeous darling!

Okay. The turtleneck above from the 90s? We're going to do a little something with it to make it date-night or church-worthy. See the 90s cuffs? Off they will go to make the sleeves quarter sleeves, much more elegant. The baggy sides? I will try this shirt on inside out and pin the side seams for a nice even fits on the side, curving into the waist a bit. Not tight, we don't want to look like a hussy but a nice shapely fit that glides over the body - not pulls. Then we can sew it up along the pinned sides, even hand stitching will work. The bat-wing look under the arm, I may keep that, we sha'll see. I really don't want to go there with the over the shoulder seams so I'm thinking bat-wing (my description) sleeves as long as they are quartered and a slightly fitted waist might make a cute top, especially with a belt. : )

Another top idea for those older baggy button down blouses? See my blog entry here: Sew Fun

Including a great movie suggestion....

"The Doctor and the Girl" (1949), an excellent old 40s movies. Also you will see a great idea for a scarf holder you can easily make and yes, I'm still using mine, works wonderfully! Yes indeedie. : )

Another movie great for this time of year? "Meet John Doe" (1941). Excellent movie, a movie-great directed by Frank Capra. Beware of the Heelots! Frank Capra movies are some of my favorites, he came here from the same village in Sicily my grandpa immigrated from. Capra was a conservative Republican and it shows in his movies. We have found Frank Capra movies to be excellent wholesome choices.

For cute do-able ideas on transforming older clothes, may I suggest:
New From Old How to Transform and Customize Your Clothes by Jane Emerson
A fun book!

Don't forget for the Christmas holidays. Creative messies like us need her reminders.

Speaking of creative folks... (Has anyone seen Steve Jobs bookcase in his later years?) I loved the black and white shot of his most nonperfect bookcase as he strided across the room. I do believe he may have been a kindred spirit! Have you heard Steve Jobs thanked his birth mother for not aborting him?

Steve Jobs Was Glad He Didn’t Become a Victim of Abortion

Washington, DC | 11/25/11 12:49 PM

Steve Jobs Was Glad He Didn’t Become a Victim of Abortion

Everyday is a journal page what will we compose?

Live the Life. Jesus.

Love to All, ~Amelia

P.S. Stay tuned, if I'm a brave soul I may post results. Maybe. ; )


Beloved's Bride said...

I adore green! Can't wait to see the final results. I hope you are brave! ;)

Amelia said...

Hello Beautiful Carmen, I bet you love wonderful in green! I hope this will work! I figure I haven't lost a thing by trying right? : )

Anonymous said...

Oh, Amelia! I love all your ideas for the green turtle neck. I hope you do post results!:) Keep shining your light. I love your blog! (((hugs))))

Amelia said...

Hi Darling Jana, So glad you like the ideas, I'm thinking so much could be done with a snip and a stitch here and there right? I do hope it turns out, I've hung on to this turtleneck so long because of the color. : )

Thank you Jana, so glad you came by!

xxxooo ~Amelia