Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sew-So-Fun! & The Doctor & The Girl (1949)

Definition: So-Fun

This is my little word I use when I think something is just that! So-Fun! My 27 year old used to use it when she was little, and I thought it was so cute... She would say in her little girl voice: "We played outside with pots and pans and made pretend food out of things we found and it was just so-fun! Just so-fun!"

Look what I've been up to! One of my Sew-Fun projects which is SO.....FUN! So-fun!

I have re-wardrobed this beautiful Victorian print blouse...I saw this blouse a year ago at a resale shop, I loved the lovely Victorian rose print and the vibrant burgundy background, but it was a quite boxie cut, even being a size larger than I normally would wear.

I pleated the shoulders at the front and over to the back a few inches down as well as the front waist area, around 6 inches or so... to make a pretty and feminine fit! I also cut off the cuffs plus a few inches to make a lightweight quarter sleeve.

This was a fun and fascinating project!

I am really enjoying this book, New From Old. This is where I found this neat idea! Now please know I am not an expert seamstress, I keep my projects very simple. And remember, take it from me, perfection is evil! ; ) This does not have to be perfect! Just have fun and experiment, if it's not perfect, so what! : )

Let's see now, what else? I made this too: A....Scarf Holder-Organizer. So-fun! Easy to do and practical too! I'm using mine a great deal lately, after all...scarves are a great pick-me-up for a blouse or tshirt.

I've also made a very neat skirt & ponytail scrunch out of a most charming green & cream colored farm print toile from this patten: I use skirt 'A' on Simplicity Pattern #4881 This is a great little pattern for beginners or for people like me who like to keep it simple. Sew fun! So-fun!

Another great and so-fun book I found from another blogger is Mrs. Sharp's Traditions. This book is so adorable, lots of fun & practical ideas for your family to make life even more of a sweet party!

I made a recipe of Irish Soda bread last week, it was quick and easy from Mrs. Sharp's book. There are very cute little witty articles, crafts and monthly whismsical ideas, Victorian illustrations galore. Just great eye candy....A beautiful book indeed with wonderful suggestions for making family life so-fun!

Movie Suggestion...

We recently viewed this movie, it was sobering but such a neat movie. A precious story of a doctor from a well-to-do family, he starts out as somewhat of a jerky snob, his father being a well known doctor... but watch and see what happens. Love conquers all and God uses it in a major way. Also the result of sin is shown. The movie does have a scene where a little boy with Diphtheria is given an emergency tracheotomy in his home. The doctor has a single wayward sister who becomes pregnant due to her carefree ways. It's so very sad and sobering what becomes of her and teaches a very strong life lesson. As a whole, this movie was wonderful and uplifting to see a doctor who really cares as his heart is challenged and changed. The ripple effects of his change in character reflect beautifully in his family and community.

I love the old actor, Charles Coburn. He plays the patriarch doc of the family. In real life he became an actor later in life, I belive in his 50s and I think that is just the greatest. Also Glenn Ford plays an excellent part as a caring doctor and husband. Glenn Ford is another one of our 40s actors who left his career, volunteering to serve for our country during WWII. Greatness indeed.

Made in 1949, I present: The Doctor and the Girl

Edit 5.20.10 The video parts have been deleted from youtube but here is a link.

(video deleted from youtube)

I hope you enjoy it, you be the judge as far as mature subject matter and the ages and maturity of your children. My husband, daughters and I were very intrigued though by this movie. Very intrigued. Give us more doctors like the part of Dr. Michael Corday.

And may I say that sin is not glorified in this movie, the consequences are very clear in a tasteful way as typical of the 1940s when the country had a healthy fear of God.

Let's pray for our country, the battle may have been briefly lost but the war is far from won! Let's speak out with wisdom but let's always remember...the Victor's Wreath will be won in our prayer closets. Let's prayerfully speak out with boldness and discernment as needed with the Biblical weapons of our warfare as Soldiers for Christ.

Let's keep our homes peaceful and sweet. I have more of a serious article on Roe Vs. Wade, What Has Become of Us? on VisionForaGodlyHome.Blogspot

Joltin' Joe has left and gone away but Sunday's coming folks, I can guarantee...

Take care all, and if you like...Come drop a line and let me know... What ya been up to! : )



Maxine said...

Hi Amelia, it's been a while I would say. Another good movie suggestion. Thanks! I definitely want to see it. We just watched "Mr. Hobb Needs a Vacation," with JimmyStewart and thoroughly enjoyed it. A bit later than the forties, but not too bad.
Those sewing and craft projects do sound "so fun." My daughters said that too.:)I REALLY like the scarf organizer!
Now, about our nation. How I love what you said: "The Victors Wreath will be won in our prayer closets." I hope you don't mind, but I am going to quote this on Facebook. I won't say your name, just that it is a quote by a blogging friend. It is too good!
I'm visiting blogs piecemeal. I'll try to read your article ASAP.

Amelia said...

Thank you Maxine, you are precious, what a jewel you are and an encouragement to me. : )

So glad you enjoyed the information and ideas here, I've been having more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Yes indeedie! It really gives life a boost to re-do things using my hands.

You are very welcome to use that quote. I'm honored and pray the Lord will use it mightily! I think I may have gleaned the jest of that quote from an old book a missionary's wife had given me probably 20 years ago, I think the title may have even been, "The Victor's Wreath", it was about prayer. : )

You are a blessing! ~Amelia

Casandra said...

Always wonderful to hear from you! :)
Looks like you've been a busy little bee...lots of projects and happy things going on in your home!
My girlies are on spring break all this week and are finishing up their Easter dresses they've been making and are making some small chick and duck sewing crafts to give to friends in mini-easter baskets. ;)
Have a super happy, lovely spring.
Love, Cass






WinkAtTheCabDriver said...

Beautiful! I can't even sew a straight line. It's just horrible, I tell you! :) I do wish I could do projects like that.

Love you! ♥