Monday, March 1, 2010

The Fighting Sullivans and The Fight for The Family

Oh my, lately I'm seeing so much, just so much, just so much in the way of young people going the way of the world and the parents going the way of the world too! Lately there has even been a movie of Christian genre that has things being said in it, and we just could not go there. Oh parents, please let's make sure and let's do our homework on such things. Plugged In from Dr. Dobson's ministry. Focus on the Family is a supurb way to see what a movie contains in language etc.

But I don't want to dwell on so much of that.

What I do want to exuberantly proclaim is there is so much better out there!

Here is one movie our family greatly enjoyed and this one is a dandy! It's the true story of The Sullivan Brothers who fought in WWII. This movie takes you from their precious young lives as young lads in the Great Depression...oh so precious...This family was rich in love for each other and a had a healthy respect and love for God which is clearly shown in the movie.

Sometimes I see the plastic world out there and my heart aches...Let's go back to when simple was good and right. Let's go back to what is truly important. Let's not buy into the culture around us.

This movie is GREAT in this mom's opinion...Our entire family loved it. At first you may wonder where the movie is taking you; but never a dull moment. ; )

These young men turned out to be great heroes. Great heroes. Here is a clip, I affectionately share with you this week. :) Just typing this up and watching these clips bring tears to my eyes. When the movie ended there was a quietness in the room, you'll see why if you watch this sweet movie in entirity. It will gently shake you to the core.

One thing you may notice about the movie is that not only is this a true story but you may not recognize many of the actors... Why? Because many of who were considered more famous actors were at War fighting and defending our country during WWII.

Also...Take note on the young people's dress even at casual events. How refreshing.

Enjoy and be blessed: The Fighting Sullivans (1944) Oh that they would make movies like they used too!

Here is also an inspiring account of the true Sullivan Brothers as given by Al Sullivan's grand-daughter.

In the movie you will see that the boys had a darling dog given to them, they called it a genuine mongrel. ; ) It is so darn cute....But as the young boys grow into young men, if you look closely and notice, you will see a beautiful drawing; a portrait of the dog's face in the younger brother's room as he is then a young man. It spoke volumes. But you'll have to look for it.

Speaking of our doglets and pets I have found a neat book I've been gleaning from:

Dr. Pittcairn's Complete Guide to natural health For Dogs & Cats There's some great advice, recipes etc. for dog food, treats and even what vaccination is needed. And ya know? I think some of this info may not be so bad for us humans either. ; )

Enjoy your week all, let's take notice of our surroundings and discern and thank God for the Beauty He gives. He is there, in a bird's sweet song, in our precious dog's wagging tale. He is there.

I still have an entry on Our Plan or God's Plan and recently posted Roe Vs. Wade, What Has Become of Us? on Vision for a Godly Home if you would like to read that one. : ) May God be glorified. May we all be found faithful.

We are Pilgrims on a narrow road. May all who come behind us find us faithful. His love endures forever, give thanks for He is good.


arlee bird said...

I watched the end of this movie the other night when I ran across it on TMC movie channel. I only saw the last 20 minutes or so and I don't know what came earlier, but it seemed like the movie did not focus on the battle action as much as establishing the values of the family and community. I liked the ending where it was as though they were marching into heaven.
They certainly don't make too many like this any more.

Maxine said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Amelia! We surely are kindred. These are the movies that I love and I hope that my children have grown to love them too. Now, it seems to me that I saw this movie, but I'm not remembering it too well. It must have been very long ago that I saw it, so I'm due to watch it again if I can find it. You can really tell from these movies that we are living in another time, can't you?

By the way, we have Plugged In bookmarked and always check to see if they have anything to say about a particular film we're wondering about. To tell you the truth, we "wonder about" most that are produced in this day. We're always suspicious, even if they're called "Christian."


Hi Amelia,

I watched The Fighting Sullivans more that once when I was a kid in the 50's. During the war and for many years after, a large percentage of movies being produced were war movies. As a young boy playing army with other neighborhood kids was one of my favorite pass times.

I hope you have a great day, Ron

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Amelia, for yet another wonderful movie recommendation! I will be sure to look for it (hopefully they have it on Netflix). I know our family would LOVE this!
(((Hugs))) and love to you, my dear friend!

Mary R. said...

Ok, I'm back following, using my first name and last initial. I'll try to watch those clips.

Casandra said...

Few things in this world are more refreshing than a post from you!!! :)

I will add The SUllivan Brother movie to our Netflix queue. I look forward to it! :)

Anonymous said...

Good morning Amelia, It's so sweet that you love all these old movies.
Have you seen : The blinde side alraidy ?
I was energized by the mother, performed by Sandra Bullock, and the last part of the movie made it into a debating movie as well, so that it is not all sweet and lovely.
Have a nice day, please visit me on : or again on Xanga.
Lieve groeten
Godeliva van Ariadone

Jane B. Gaddy said...

I, too, loved The Fighting Sullivans. I watched it many years ago and cried my eyes out. Time to watch it again. Amelia, you are such a blessing. Write on!

Love to you, my new friend.