Friday, February 5, 2010

Slippers & Heartfelt Patriotic 40s Movies

One of our daughters and I have been making these, it's been kinda fun; I like calling them fancy ballerina slippers.

Our daughter found a two pair pack at Ross, I let her have first dibs and she picked the off-white, so I kept the black, I wear a lot of black and figured the black would stay cleaner looking anyhow right? : ) The black is so very elegant.

I found a small roll of tulle at Hobby Lobby on sale for around $1.99. I made a little "bunch" actually a nice size, slightly eccentric looking, ; ) gathered bunch, which made a flower, if you will, and sewed it upon the top....too cute. I didn't cut the bow from my shoes first, that would just kill me to cut that cute little bow off. I sewed my outrageous tulle flower over the little bow. So I have a big netted off-white flower upon my black slippers, pretty snazzy I say. I've also added an elegant black velvet bow upon each off-white tulle puff, you could do these cutsie or elegant what ever your druthers. ; )

I also found that the author of the site for the slippers has graciously put up a sewing tutorial this week. The author is adorable, and comes up with some some really creative goodies we could all make. This tutorial would be good for young ladies who don't know anything about sewing. It's sad but true, there are young ladies out there not being trained in homemaking.

It's Movie Time
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Pride of the Marines (1945)

An excellent movie with John Garfield, unconditional love is clearly shown as a soldier goes through an intense trial most of us would not do so well with. A really great movie. I will give you a clue, it has a nice ending. ; )

Also if you haven't seen Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, you are missing out indeed...

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944)

The story of the Doolittle Raid. Many, many classic stars in this movie such as Spencer Tracey, Robert Mitchum, Van Johnson and that cutie pie Phyllis Thaxter. This is a fantastic movie and another example of that unconditional love to a severely wounded and disabled soldier. I have an antique copy of the book which contains letters from the missionaries who ministered to the soldier who lost his leg, written to the soldier's mother back then. The book I have is actually written by the soldier who lost his leg due to injury in the Doolittle Raid mission. When I found the book in an antique store it was like finding a treasure for me.

Found the trailer here:

Don't you just love that ending part...the sweet exchange by husband and wife, played by Van Johnson and Phyllis Thaxter?

Here is Part I of Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo to get you started. It appears all parts are there so grab it in entirity while you can. : ) Enjoy!

Air Force (1943)

Following is the trailer of Air Force; the opening is so much of what America was made of back then. You have to just love that Air Force theme song, if that doesn't touch your heart what will?

There are some very real war scenes in this movie, some amazing, some cruel.

Some of it reminds me of when I was a little girl and my dad was flying, even though he was in the army, he loved flying... that familiar roaring buzzing gunning noise... My mom in her 50s dress pushing me in my tot swing as Dad would fly over, I still remember it til this day.

One of my favorite parts of the movie is the little dog the soldiers take under their wing...oh how so very precious. The little dog is actually seen in the movie on a mission on the plane. What a contrast, the innocent little dog on such a life and death mission. John Garfield also stars in this movie as well.

I'm not so sure this trailer does the movie justice, but here it is, I hope you will enjoy it. : )

And last but not least this is my mom and dad, this is taken in probably 1953 or so. They will both turn 80 this week. This is definitely one of my most favorite photos of my parents with my dad in his uniform.

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Blessings to All, and may God have mercy upon our nation.

Pour yourself some coffee and come on by my other blog if you get a chance, Vision For a Godly Home Be blessed and edified. : ) Have a sweet week!


Marianna said...

Those slippers have been fun, haven't they!?

Good movies too... sure don't make them like that now days!

<3 u!

Civilla said...

Hi, Amelia -- mrsgrovine from xanga here! I love your blog! I love the pictures of the Air Force, since my son just joined. We went to San Antonio for his basic training graduation. Go to my site and see the pics on my sidebar!

Civilla said...

Oh, and I liked the little movie! My husband was A.F., too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Amelia....I'm just going to have to get those movies on netflix! They look so good & like something the whole family could watch and enjoy together.:)
Those little slippers are darling. How fun!
Blessings to you and thank you for another wonderful post!


Maxine said...

Hello Amelia!
Thank you for your visit to my blog today. Such a pleasure to meet you and I love this blog! We are HUGE fans of the 40's movies--those were the days when they made good ones. We get many of these movies from the library, but as soon as we get more time in the evenings (My daughter is having a pretty full and challenging homeschool junior year), we may join Netflix or rejoin Blockbuster online where we were able to get a few there. We also like the old TV programs which we would get at Blockbuster as well and just discovered we can view a few of them on Thanks for telling us about the movie Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo! And that book you found is indeed a treasure.

Nice meeting you! I intend to follow this blog so I can see more of what you have to say about those good old days.


Hi Ameila

I hope you had a great weekend
God bless you and have a wonderful week,

Gail Mc. said...

Hi, Girl! Your parents' old picture is beautiful! What a gorgeous couple! Turning My dad will be 80 this year and I just keep watching him closely, thinking that this very moment I'm with him could be the last, 'til Heaven! Oh, and I love the slipper idea. Cute!

Carmen said...

Love your new blog home, Mrs. Amelia! I am taking a peak in as you can see! - Carmen

Mary Grovine said...

You look just like your mom!