Monday, January 17, 2011

A True Home & a Word on Simplicity

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~A True Home~

"A roof to keep out the rain. Four walls to keep out the wind. Floor to keep out the cold. Yes, but home is more than that. It is the laugh of a baby, the song of a mother, the strength of a father. Warmth of loving hearts, light from happy eyes, kindness, loyalty, comradeship. Home is first school . . . for the young ones where they learn what is right, what is good, and what is kind. Where they go for comfort when they are hurt or sick. Where joy is shared and sorrow eased. Where fathers and mothers are respected and loved. Where children are wanted. Where the simplest food s good enough for kings because it is earned. Where money is not so important as loving-kindness. Where even the teakettle sings from happness. That is home."
~Ernestine Schumannn-Heink

Many of you know I am decluttering and trying prayerfully to simplify, there have been great days of joy & release, there have been disappointing days that the clutter seems to ooze back out at me much like the old film, the blob. All in all it is a journey I enjoy sharing with others as I also enjoy hearing of other's victories but all in all, I am finding like everything else it is all for an audience of One. : ) Each one of us has different areas of our lives and the key is to stay in tuned to the Holy Spirit and that Still Small Voice all the while receiving encouragement from one another as the Bible says. Encourage one another and lift each other up.

I recently came across this in a book I pick up to read from time to time...I hope you also enjoy this excerpt. I personally enjoyed it, especially remembering a civil debate I once had with a relative on fashion & modesty. They were telling me that their skirt length simply went with the fashions of the year, what "they" were wearing that year. I often wonder who "they" are? Why do we as a nation, and especially why do we as a Christian listen to "they" when we should listen to Him? : )

Consider your clothes. Most people have no need for more clothes. They buy more not because they need clothes, but because they want to keep up with the fashions. Hang the fashions. Buy only what you need. Wear your clothes until they are worn out. Stop trying to impress people with your clothes and impress them with your life. If you are able to, learn the joy of making clothes. Have clothes that are practical rather than ornamental...

~ Excerpt from 'Freedom of Simplicity' by Richard J. Foster

I think we all get the jest of what the author is saying here. He also later mentions that we should be sensitive to our children of course not wanting them to feel awkward and a spectacle of sorts, I think most of us feel that way too. As for me and our daughters? Our skirt lengths vary but they are all modest. I wear mine tea-length, that is what I love. My daughters wear theirs tea length and mid to below the knee. We like to have most of the knee, preferable all the knee covered when sitting.

One of my simple pleasures and freedoms is this pattern: Simplicity skirt pattern #4881.

A lady who works in a fabric department showed me this pattern, she grew up in a church where skirts only are worn. I really like this pattern. It's easy to add an inch or two if you want your skirt a tad longer. The pattern contains two pieces and I have found it to be very flattering, my daughters have made some fun prints in this as well.

Let me tell you a quick story of a contentment boo-boo. In other words, a confession.

A week or so ago, I saw these blue jeans skirts online, they were long and flowy, one had tiers, the other had topstitched seams and button-zipper front, pockets, and all that jazz. I knew in my heart the denim one I had made from my faithful pattern #4881 was fine. It is a flattering strong dark denim skirt. But my thoughts were:

"Oh but maybe those are better, more fancy, more stylish with all the lines and all"

Well, the skirts came in after I wasted probably close to an hour reading mixed reviews and such, all the while fighting the little thought of my nice new flattering homemade skirt in my closet. To make a long story short, the two skirts will be returned and I really appreciate my homemade denim skirt now.

We love pretty clothes at our house, and we like a little something new every now and then. But we also like practicality and freedom of a somewhat simple wardrobe...We are learning. I especially like the fact that when I need a color of skirt, I can go to my pattern and make a skirt in two hours. It is a blessing!

I will continue decluttering, please join me if you like, I love hearing of what you too are up to, and if you have special patterns you also love!

Today Dd25 and I (You can see our cast of characters in the previous entry) ...will be decluttering our laundry room & what we call the party closet, all of our dip trays and such. We'll be moving to our country house soon, so I need to get on the ball!

Have a sweet day, may we all pray for one another, and don't forget...Encouragement is most important in our walk with the Lord in this crazy world we are in....Encourage someone today. Use words if necessary. : )

"There are souls in this world which have the gift of finding joy everywhere and of leaving it behind them when they go." ~Frederick William Faber


P.S. I have reposted a powerful article I wrote last year for a dear friend of mine, entitled: Roe Verses Wade, What Has Become of Us? on: VisionForaGodlyHome

I'll try some declutter updates once again:

1.17.11 5:39PM A 30 yr. old orange tupperware canister & lid goes to Hubs to put his nails in. Threw out 2 aluminum water bottles. (We don't care for aluminum for health reasons). A tube of lipstick. Bag of hosiery I saved for tomato plants. A set of Christmas Nativity set cookie cutters. Doggie sweaters that don't fit doglets. Went through battery box & old sewing box from junior still has the leftover buttons from my pinafore top! Anyone remember those?

6:14PM A beautiful moon out tonight...The same moon that shines over me shines over you. God bless and be with you. Goodnight. Happy Trails to you til we meet again... ; )
1.19.11 1:34PM Oh my a beautiful day out... Listening to the airplanes overhead...Yesterday Mother was here, so no decluttering was done. Today Dd25 is hosting a girls Bible study, Dd28 will share today on trusting God & Dd25 will lead a craft, homemaking skill...Valentines cards will be made. Me? I am enjoying the quiet of my room. I've decluttered one tube of lipstick I no longer wear.

5:49PM Hawaiian Chicken in the oven, sure smells good. I have cyber decluttered today; went ahead and deleted some things in various cyber arenas & added nice folk. I appreciate nice people and it's the nice folks I choose to spend time with. It's nice to be nice and it's even nicer to be surrounded by the nicer of the nice folks!

Items weighing in the balance: This is a tough one. My step-Dad's trench coat. It's a beautiful silver-blue retro Christian Dior trench coat. I suspect it's from his days in New York. The color reminds me of his beautiful silver hair. Oh what a sweet silver haired humble Italian sculptor and grandpa was he. (I'm thinking no, this coat is staying with me) I'm not ready to release it. I may just wear it myself. I tried it on, and me wearing it is not that far off.

1.20.11 11:05AM This morning it's with a heavy heart that I'm thinking of Roe Vs. Wade. My dd28 is a counselor at a prolife clinic...Please pray as she urges mothers to give life to their little babies. I'm horrified at the state of our country and the church. The church seems so sadly silent for the mostpart. God bless those true Pastors who speak for the Unborn. Sanctitity of Life Sunday is Coming.

Please don't forget to see my article on one of my other blogs, it's not for me please understand, it's for the sweet unborn babies who deserve life. I write this with tears as I know that I know the critical state of the world we are living in...
I myself am so very remorseful and repentant for mistakes even in attitudes perhaps I have had in the past.

Wednesday 1.26.11 It's going to be a busy one today...Resaling expedition with Dds. Today's mission will be to not buy anything to clutter with. Yesterday was spent packing my formal dining room with my mom for our move. My mom amazes me, at almost 81 she is such a strong woman and get's things done. A huge help. She cracked me up, she found a candy dish from Bavaria that had been broken, a gift from Aunt Angeline to my Grandma years ago. My mom who I've always considered even more of a clutter bunker than I even said..."This needs to be thrown away"... I'm such a case. ; )

I've been tossing bathroom drawer items, makeup that was saved for the future just in cases. I am thinking there was probably over ten tubes of almost used cream foundation I saved. Some of them had markings on them with finger nail polish of what is oldest etc. I laughed, and said, Bye-bye-bye! Also two like-new sweaters I put on for datenight and immediately took right back off. Bye-bye-bye. : )

Looking forward to a nice day celebrating life from the good Lord. Live the Life! Blessings!

5:09PM We had so much fun shopping at the neat resale shops...And I did good. I spent a total of 30 cents on a nice new mug with the Bill of Rights printed on it for Dh. I had tossed a chipped mug, a mug that reminded me of someone who did something not so nice to us. I didn't realize dh liked the mug because of the large size. Now he has a nice new large mug that we can all enjoy and even learn from. : )

Today 1.27.11 Oh my, it's been wash-wash-wash today. Cleaned under one side of my bed. Tossed two preaching tapes from years ago, not favorites. Washing bedding etc. Cleaned out a kitchen drawer. I sha'll sit myself down now and treat myself to a nice cup of coffee and read a Grace Livingston Hill book...I'm reading April Gold after seeing an excerpt on a sister's site...I think it's so nice the way Grace L Hill writes. This book was written in 1936. After my coffee-reading break I will do a simple comforting supper. Chicken with a mushroom sauce over brown rice...and a green veggie of some kind. Oh guess what?! My sweethearts at Purple Heart called. I love the people who work there...They are coming next week for a pick up!!!! They assured me they use everything for either the Vets or their families, toys etc. Anything else will be sold to a second hand store in a lot. He was horrified when I told him what the other organization did. I've used Purple Heart many times in the past and never have had any problem with them. So there's the wrap for today...Praying for our nation. I was out in the metro yesterday and you can feel the spiritual war. It's like never before. And I thought the burbs were bad? Oh wow. It took me a while to shake it off even today... I have never seen such a great falling away, and a rapid one at that. A falling away in people I never would have suspected... Frightening. We must abide in the Lord spending time with Him first and utmost. He must be very personal to us, if we know Him in a personal way we will be able to recognize the counterfeit.



Mary R. said...

Good thought. I remember the blob! Hope your de-cluttering goes well. I'm not there yet.

Amelia said...

I had to laugh and laugh when I saw clips of the blob movie on youtube, because it really describes clutter! : ) And ya know? It's really something how the blob was considered a scary movie in the 60s.

Amelia said...

..One more thing...It really goes to show how numb our society has become to violence doesn't it? I would have posted a clip but the kissing scene is a bit over the top for us, our girls are saving there first kiss for the altar.

Casandra said...

De-cluttering is STRESS RELIEVING to me!!! :) I love organizing....however, I go over the top and end up getting rid of things that I later wish I'd kept....
You know me- I have little to no moderation in things! *sigh*
One of the girls posted that you guys are packing now and getting ready to move. I'm so excited for you!! I love the updates!!! Love and Hugs to you all. Love you! Cass

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I love to declutter and manage to do it often. It seems like as soon as I take all the clutter out the front door to the thrift store.....more wanders in thorugh the back door and sets new home(s) up for itself. Ha! It is such a good thing to pare down. "Less is more" is my motto!:) How exciting that you will soon be in your new country home. I'm really just thrilled for your family as I know how much you love country living.:) I am with you on the wardrobe thing too. I was just out shopping for all the kids last week. We went to a 40% off the clearance price sale at Old Navy. Our goal was to outfit all the kids with basics....simple t-shirts that can go over, under or be worn alone, simple skirts/jeans/slacks, basic black sweaters, soft hoodies etc. The kids needed lots of basics and we got just that, for such nice low prices too! It's a good feeling. I love the classic style because it never goes "out", is pretty, modest and not noticed so much as your face, you know? Your clothes won't be what stood out, but your smile & the sparkle in your eyes will. Our girls got to make denhem skirts out of some jeans that were just a pinch too small and got further use out of their jeans only skirt style. The skirts are really cute and simple. The girls love them! I'll bet your skirt pattern is really classy and classic!
Ahhhh, I've missed your posts! I hardly ever get time to be on here anymore. Life is busy and full and very, very good. Love and (((hugs)) to you, Amelia!

Amelia said...

Dear Casandra, You are so adorable... Spazzy Mommy... ; )

Love you! ~Amelia (Bedelia) : )

Amelia said...

Dear Jana, Thank you so much for coming by, I loved hearing about your wise clothing choices! You are smart-smart! : )

Love you! ~Amelia

Carmen said...

I enjoyed your quotes, Mrs. Amelia. And, I like the updates too. They are so encouraging and funny when you admit you have something that you aren't ready to get rid of. I think it just adds the touch of "genuine" that we all need to see while we toss! ;)

Amelia said...

Thank you Carmen! You are such a precious-precious encouragment. (((hugs))) ~Amelia

Carmen said...

Ha! Cute. Cute. Cute! I love the symbolism of the mug that you tossed! And, I hope your DH loves his new mug! I tossed out mugs too. Funny! I had to keep just the favorites for Hot Chocolate! ;)

Carmen said...

Those are great snippet thoughts for the day!

I like April Gold By GLH. I have many of them in hard back first edition. I should share a store about how I got them on my blog on day! I like the "homemaking" quotes. THey are always so sweet.

Now, your dinner sounds good! Is that a particular favorite recipe? If it is you must share!

Amelia said...

Thanks Carmen, you are a sweetheart. Let me know your fave GLH books, I would love to know. I ordered the Wonderful Night and Beauty for Ashes.

The recipe is posted on the next entry, yes it's an alltime fave, a longtime tried and true Easy-Breezy type of recipe that can be adjusted easily. Enjoy!