Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun Stuff to Show and Tell!

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I just thought I'd post a few of my favorite things today! I love old fashioned things so I thought I'd share these things with you, this will be some good old fashioned fun for me to post. I'm in a playful mood, I've had a challenging week and even have a twitch in my eye to show for do you like them apples?

How to Make a Smart Dusting Cap, this is too cute. Reminds me of I Love Lucy or better yet, the old movie, Penny Serenade. (1941)

You can see Penny Serenade here in entirety as well I love this sweet, but sad too. Do you know that once when Irene Dunne was at a church in movie land, someone tapped her on the shoulder and asked her..."Isn't seeing the movie stars here exciting!?" The person didn't even recognize Irene Dunne.

Here is something else I thought was so very cute, this is a nice old fashioned retro-look for longer hair:

And another...We got a kick out of Hoagy Carmichael here from the movie,Night Song (1947) :

Night Song (1947) We enjoyed the movie, about a classical music genius who has gone blind played by handsome Dana Andrews, his friend here played by adorable Hoagy Carmichael helps save the day. A nice movie.

So that is my quick show n' tell blog for today... I hope you enjoyed it!

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Beloved's Bride said...

Very Fun post! The Little Lady and I watched the hair video twice. No matter how mess my second day curls are they would never look that cute in a scarf! I will have to try it though! ;)