Monday, October 17, 2011

It's That Candle Time of Year!

Hobby Lobby candles are half price this week! Yippee! I love the cinnamon spice one for the fall and for Christmas too for that matter. Oh it is so nice. These are great candles with a strong fragrance much like the more expensive ones. For around $6.00 I have a large jar candle to bask in! These make nice gifts too. The green colored sugared spruce fragrance smells like Christmas trees, love those candles. Keep in mind Hobby Lobby puts these on sale from time to time and this time it is for the larger jar candles so make sure and read the ad carefully.

loading ... ~Robert Stock

Now if you are like me we must have some nice instrumental music to welcome the fall.

My favorite this week: David Lanz, Heartsounds. This one reminds me of leaves dancing and gracefully playfully falling from the trees. Beautiful.

Next in line is a beautiful selection: Adoration, Solo Piano Hymns by David Nevue. Another Bravissimo, it sets the stage for a beautiful peaceful home. An old pastor once encouraged our congregation to keep our homes in an atmostphere of praise, this fits the bill beautifully.

Enjoy and be blessed, ~Amelia

P.S. Please see "The Question of Kosher Meat", on my Vision for a Godly Home blog and it's a very important question too. Let's be found blameless.

EDIT: 10.20.11 Please also see "Booger Men and Small Rebellions"

Don't let the Booger Man of Busyness and his evil steed the three headed monster, the Multi-tasker steal from you!


Lea said...

yay for candles... they really add to the season's joy... : )

Jane B. Gaddy said...

And those wonderful Bath and Body Works oil fragrances (with coupons, too!) My favorite time of the year—now through Christmas. I love the sights and sounds and smells of the beautiful Season that runs straight through to New Year's. The cool. The cold. The warmth of a fire. Falling leaves. Cookies baking. The music. Thanks for the suggestions. Oh, the Lord, our God, is so worthy of our praise and thanks for these blessings. Oh, and for inspiring friends like you and your family! Blessings on you, my friend!
Jane BG