Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lookie What I'm Makin'!

I love to sew simple, yes indeedie.

Right now I'm working on a very simple pattern, it's for a blouse...
Photo It's Simplicity pattern #8523

I made the one in v-neck and short sleeves in a black and lime green mini modern print and belted it with a wide black belt. Looked very cute with a black skirt.

I'm now working on the same blouse in solid black. I love to wear black, and my favorite black dressier simple knit top seems to be stretching out a bit and the other black top is faded. I prefer non-tshirt material on blouses if possible and this is perfect!

Sewing is so liberating. If you can find some simple patterns and some great material to have on hand as it is put on sale you can have a wardrobe at your fingertips!

I use the Brothers machines, bottom line at Walmart. These are inexpensive for new sewing machines and work like a charm. We own two. My last purchase was no more than $50. and bought online at

Do you or someone in your family like to sew simple?

Have a good day everyone, don't forget to check out the tribute to dear Brother Wilkerson on Vision For a Godly Home, one of my other blogs. Also new thoughts on time being our currency, and being still, enjoying true life.

Take care All! A hug. ~Amelia


Beloved's Bride said...

Mrs. Amelia. I need to sew. I love to wear long dresses and it just isn't the style. I can't find many of them and I have bought out coldwater creek, etc. (sigh)I miss my Grandma. She use to sew all my clothes.

I hope you come back and show us pictures.

Amelia said...

Hello Dear Carmen, Oh I so know how you feel. Simplicity skirt pattern 4881 is WONDERFUL. It has a total of 2 pieces and is most flattering. I add an inch to the longest view and it gives me a nice ankle length skirt. Even the pattern length itself is plenty long for most, I just love the Victorian uber-long length. I've done one in a bright summery pattern of leaves and it turned out adorable.

I just told my dds I must borrow their camera! I miss out on a lot not taking pics.

Maxine said...

Hi Amelia, I used to sew for a while, but sadly, I stopped after a while. I liked sewing clothes in the beginning, but after that I enjoyed making curtains and sewing various craft items. It is very enjoyable though and you have such a sense of accomplishment.

Good for you. I'm sure you look very cute in your blouses.

Amelia said...

Thank you Maxine! I'm going to try posting pics in the future,I think I may finally have a camera arriving, and then I need to learn to use it! : )