Friday, May 28, 2010

Three Patriotic Movie Greats Honoring Our Vets

Wowee movies we saw today...Amazing. Inspiring. True stories....Movies of Excellence. The Best.

God is My Co-Pilot
The trailer doesn't touch the virtue, poignancy and excitement of this movie but thought you might like to see it. A true story as you will see.

Talked with my 80 year old dad today, he saw this when he was young and remembered it.

Another movie great, one of my all time faves, we are talking wowza. The true story of the famous Doolittle Raids. Stars galore.
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo. (1944)

I found the book written by one of the pilots who lost his leg played by Van Johnson in an antique store, the letters of missionaries are in the book who had ministered to him when he underwent the horrible tragedy. Amazing.

And guess what friends, it is showing in all parts on youtube at present.
Here is Part I to get you started:

One more, this is pure greatness. Christ glorifying.
Sergeant York (1941)

Another true story of one of our marvelous brave vets.

Familiarize your children and youth with these heroes, these are the real deals. Sergeant York's conversion to Christ is amazing...It's all here in the movie. A Farm boy turn hero. His simple life is beautiful. You may notice the clips on youtube of the real Sergeant York. Very interesting history.

Any of you who remotely know me at all, will know I absolutely must post this pic of my mom and dad in honor of our vets, my dad and mom are now 80 years old. My dad would want to tell all of you to please honor our fallen vets who gave their all. My dad is of German background, my mother, Italian.

It was amazing hearing Glenn Beck yesterday speak of how the Italians, Germans and Japanese who were American citizens were treated during WWII. I've heard the stories before but it never ceases to shock me what happened and could happen.

My dad tells me just today of my Italian grandpa being fired from the shipyard during WWII. My dad tells me you could have never found a better American than my precious Italian grandfather.
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May we honor what is truly honorable once again in this country. May those of us who know what is right and good with a healthy fear and love of God band together and pray lifting our great country up in prayers. May we live it in our homes first and foremost. Some may say we will never be Ozzie and Harriet again, no that is not true. As for me and my home we will serve the Lord, we will be that family with old fashioned values keeping Christ first. Please don't buy into the culture.


P.S. If you are a stay at home mom needing encouragement, take a listen here. Enjoy. Be blessed.


TexasLady said...

Amen! We need to teach our kids that the vets fought for our freedom we enjoy so much! :) Sergeant York :) :) :)and Ozzie & Harriet. I said something about Ricky Nelson to a friend who was my age, and I just got a blank stare. I was born to late:)

Maxine said...

I'm with you, Amelia, really I am. And like you, I intend, with the help of my Lord, to follow that old-fashioned path all the way, as difficult as it is in this day. Thank you for more great movie suggestions. I may have seen a couple of them; I'm not sure. Isn't it amazing how prolific Hollywood was in putting out meaningful and wholesome movies in the forties? The degeneration of the current times is so very tragic compared to once was .

Maxine said...

Oh, by the way, we have loads of Ozzie and Harriet episodes here!

Eva Girl said...

I'm taking your advice and going out to the library today to get some old classic movies - I used to watch them with my parents and now it's time to pass on the tradition - we've been enjoying Andy Griffith regularly...but the old classic movies are fun, family friendly, and wholesome too : )

Civilla said...

Love the post, Amelia.