Monday, May 24, 2010

Must See Video Footage

This is something to see, it's on the Tennessee flood. The video speaks for itself. Let's pray for these people, if you've ever been flooded you know the agony and emotional trauma.

Our home was flooded more than once, I remember vividly boating out with my baby in my arms, three little girls and Hubs as he tried to guide the leaky little boat, trying so very, very hard to reflect on our God as I tried to admire the reflection of the huge country oak trees in the water.

I remember laying across my bed in black rubber boots as the muddy water swirled around the dust ruffle of my bed and noticing a white paper square floating in the dirty water, I picked it up. It was my baby's ultrasound photo. ....I remember well.

For direct link to see: full screen

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