Saturday, December 12, 2009

Feel Like the Invisible Woman? You're Not Alone...

Let's all remember the Eternal dividends... It's not easy sometimes but may we encourage one another. : )

I've personally been dealing with a hurt back this week, and in pain, so this was refreshing to me. Our daughter, Michelle has been a dear to cook for me several days this week. *happy sigh* I know all is well when I see that. That love comes strongly from the kitchen many a day.

Hope you all are having a sweet Christmas season as we meditate upon our Lord, Jesus. I bet the Lord feels very invisible at times...Can you imagine how He must feel especially at Christmas time?

Grace and Peace to you this Holy Season... ~Amelia

P.S. Please don't forget to see my other blog... Perhaps this will provide a good chuckle and a good ponder as well! Don't let the Heelots get ya. ; )

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