Friday, December 18, 2009

Brother Orchid (1940)

Another Great One...Our family just enjoyed this last night... Oh this is a good one!

Brother Orchid (1940)

All parts are graciously being shared at this time on youtube...You may get started here with Part I if you like. : )

See how crime boss, John Sarto finds himself in a monastery...This is really a sweet show...You'll see. ; ) We had never heard of the film before... Great life lessons. So glad to have caught this one.

Edward G. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart star in this film. Enjoy!

The ending is great....Just wait and see.


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Please pray for my back, I'm in a bit of pain and hope to get back to normal soon, thank the Lord, I'm improving day by day. It's been a good time to be alone with God.

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TexasLady said...

Sorry to hear about your back:( I'll be praying:)

Wow, I oldie I haven't seen. I'll have to watch it. I love Bogie!!