Thursday, May 30, 2013

Simplifying: Blog Changes

Just wanted to drop a line to reader-friends to let you know I've prayed about simplifying my life and talked it over with husband and daughters...It seems the best thing at this time is to go with one primary blog at this time.  I may blog specials here from time to time but they will first be on My Forest Cathedral blog.  I'm not one to permanently close doors completely so I will keep this blog open as in leaving the door open just a crack.  This plan seems like the most logical thing to do after much prayer.  

I sure do hope to see you over at My Forest Cathedral!  I sure appreciate all who read here and please know I'll have the coffee on for ya at My Forest Cathedral. And yes, there will be recipes, old 40s movies and re-dos there now too along with our country Italian lives!   

Thanks for understanding!
Love, Amelia 
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