Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crispy Fish & Paint Chips

Hello All,

It's been a while since I've updated, we are simply on overload these days building our home in the country.

I thought about you all the other night when our oldest 27 year old daughter Lea...

...made the following wonderful fish recipe for supper:

Crispy Fish

Lea: Here's the recipe! Modifications: made less breading than it called for to scale, coated with egg, double breaded, and sprayed top with canola oil/vegetable oil spray & oven fried in olive oil @ 400.

You will notice the recipe has potato flakes to bread the fish, this makes it scrumptious. My father used to use potato flakes to bread shrimp in his restaurant, crowds from over an hour away would frequent my parent's restaurant. ...And that's another blog... ; ) (It was once written in a major newspaper that the eclectic establishment should have been put under glass and into the Smithsonian)

EDIT 5.19.11 I shared this recipe today on Life With Mom on the fantastic Fish Recipe Swap!

Take care now, and please say a prayer, we are definitely lighting the candle at both ends these days with the construction of our home. I have not even checked my dashboard as of late. I know I'm missing some wowee blogs....and I hate that. I'll be back in swing when things normalize a bit. Normalize? *chuckle*

As our dear vet says:

"Y'all should do a show, it would be better than anything on T.V."

On certain days I think he may be right!

You would probably be quite amused indeed... Hubs, Four daughters, four doglets, kitty, and I and all the little details of life. Life is an adventure, sometimes quiet and sometimes loud. Sometimes perplexing, but always knowing we can trust the Father. He is cool like that. He loves me and He loves you.

I say, live out loud whether quiet or loud. Be you.

God loves YOU. He created you to be who you are. Enjoy that and celebrate it in Him. Let's be found blameless.

Please know I'm doing okay in the midst of paint samples, sheetrock dust, and what seems at times to be a big-fat mess! Not to mention Hubs and I, toe to toe with the salesman at the home improvement store as we dare buy the cheaper no-commission unfinished cabinets. ; ) Actually it looks as though we have made a new friend in him and I think that is great. Yes indeedie.

May God be glorified. Christ's Love to all, ~Amelia

P.S. You may also enjoy 'Just Give Me Jesus' and an old 50s Billy Graham sermon just as relevant for today at my other blog,

Just give me Jesus...


WinkAtTheCabDriver said...

Hi Amelia! Love you! Miss you! ♥♥♥

Amelia said...

Hi sweet Laurie! I miss and love you too!!! Life is too busy these days, but I've been thinking of you dear one. xxxoooo : )

The Saxophone Player's Wife said...

Just wanted to say, "HI!" You sure are missed in Xangaland! Hope the house is coming along beautifully. God bless you bunches! :) Caroline

Amelia said...

Hey There Caroline! Awww...Thank you, I miss you all too. Are you blogging here on blogspot these days too? I'm going to have to check and see. : )

Miss you!!! xxxooo ~Amelia

P.S. The house is coming along but it is a whirlwind of thinking and deciding and all the things I don't like to do! ; ) LOL It will be nice when it's done for sure.