Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cozy Soup Supper & a Swell Movie Night!

We had a cozy soup supper last night, hot off the press on the table at 6pm...accompanied by garlic breadsticks by our Michelle, she makes the best homemade breadsticks. Mm-Mm-Gooood....(You have to say it like Andy Griffith to get the effect) Yes indeed. The soup? An Italian Wedding soup. Some of the best stuff on earth I say, but it must be made with love, and a song in your heart. : )

The movie? ..... Tenth Avenue Angel (1948)

Synopsis of Tenth Avenue Angel.

Oh me oh my, we thoroughly enjoyed this sweet movie....Good lessons especially for parents and our children as well, no matter how old we are. Our daughters are ages 16 to 27 and these old movies are the best. If you want a sweet home, feed your home sweetness. If you want your family to eat vegetables, give them vegetables....If you want a home filled with joy and peace, then feed your home that....If you give your family what is real and true, they will turn the counterfeit away. Expect much and receive much in the ways of the Lord and His heart.

I don't know why families wouldn't like the old movies? Why feed our families junk food in the way of entertainment, from what we're seeing in peeps at the new movies, most of the newer movies are highly undesirable for our families as role models. So very cheap. Don't take seconds, take the best. Take the higher road in your entertainment choices. : )

Allow me to share a special clip from Tenth Avenue Angel:

Little Flavia played by Marget O'Brien prays to our Lord and loving Father in the sweetest way ever, this put me in tears, you could have heard a pin drop in our family room...

I can't see you but I know you're close, please listen to me, I've been a very bad girl, I didn't believe. But now I saw, you made the cow kneel to show me...I know You're close listening, make my mama live, only You can, it'll only be one more miracle...please, please...Dear God...make my mama live...

Is this not the sweetest thing ever? Please watch the clip in entirety to capture the full effect. We were all in awe watching this movie, my eyes welled with tears. I've said it once and I'll say it again...They just don't make God honoring movies like this anymore.

Two of my favorite actresses are in this movie, little Margaret O'Brien and Phyllis Thaxter plays such a feminine, pretty lady & mama to Flavia. She also played in the movie great, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo.

And would you like my recipe for the Italian Wedding Soup? It really is delicious. Thanks to flylady for great recipes...I made mine right on the stove, and tweaked it a bit, using 3 chicken breasts and no meatballs, (I didn't have ground meat on hand for meatballs) I also used two bags of frozen spinach and added water to the two boxes of chicken broth. And I used more of an entire cup of parmesan/romano cheese in the soup. On the stove top, I made angel hair multigrain pasta separately to serve as a bed under the toasty soup, sprinkle more cheese on top and it is wowza. It's like being at my Italian grandma's house, just add laughter and love for the real thing. No stuffed shirts allowed.

Italian Wedding Soup basic recipe

Have a howdy-ho week everyone, smile til your face hurts! ; ) And for those of us facing trials and tests, our victories will be in that prayer closet. Blessings to All! ~Amelia

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And special thanks to our good buddy and brother in Christ, Adam, One Texan's Point of View for the Lemonade Stand Award, an award for gratitude or good attitude. May I keep that standard and may God always be glorified here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amelia!

I always enjoy your posts so much!I tried to watch that clip of Little Flavia, but it wasn't working right for me. My computer is a bit persnickity at times, so I'm not surprised. After we reboot I may be able to see it.
Thanks for the suggestion to come over here. I think I can use this as a more public blog, where the other one has to be locked due to bad traffic. :(
Do you know who go_broncos_go is? Someone with that name became a follower immeditaely and I can't figure out who they are....makes me nervous!
Well, Love and hugs to you, Amelia! So glad I can see you in two places now!

Anonymous said...

P.S. how do you send a private message? Where would you pick one up as well?

Amelia said...

Hi Jana, oh gee...I don't know how to send a private message here...I'm not sure who your new follower is. I've never heard of them. I have a follower here I don't know too.
So glad you came by dear one! Thanks for your encouragement Jana, you are a sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amelia,

Hmmm, maybe you can't be quite so private here, but you have my e-mail address. I just read your message on xanga last night & will respond today. thank you so much!

Love & hugs to you!